The Real ‘War on Women’: California Democrats Vote to Kill Baby Girls

Written by S.C. Sherman on May 17, 2014

Last Tuesday some California Democrats stood strong for a woman’s right to choose. They bravely voted to allow one woman, an adult, to kill another woman, unborn. This happens with great frequency in California. If you’d really rather have a boy, no problem, kill that girl. You might scoff that something like that could only happen in China or India, but you’d be wrong. You might argue that Democrats in California wouldn’t go along with allowing a woman to eliminate her living-humanoid-mass-of-cells merely because ultrasound had shown it to have female genitalia. No way, even California Democrats aren’t that sick. Are they?

Yes, they are. So sick in fact, that California is now the deadliest place on earth if you are a female fetus. People spend great amounts of money and travel great distances from faraway countries to come to California to destroy their feminine children. Seriously, women come from India and China to kill their baby girls right here in the US of A. Funny it’s actually illegal to kill a baby just because it’s a girl and in the late stages of pregnancy in their countries, but not California. You can kill a baby just for being a girl and it’s A-OK! Aren’t we enlightened? Oh yeah, its tax-payer funded too. So really we all get to partake in the dismembering.

I thought it was the Republicans who hated women? Wasn’t it the Dems who had a glass ceiling and all that. Yay for Sandra Fluke! Democrats don’t want to exterminate girls. It couldn’t be true. Mrs. Obama just held up a Hash tag saying something about those stolen girls in Africa. Democrats love girls, don’t they? I guess they like them-dead.

Along strict party lines ONLY Democrats voted to keep it legal for a living breathing adult woman to kill her baby for no other reason than it was going to be a girl. Those same Democrats voted to declare May – Femicide and Gendercide Awareness and Prevention Month. Wow, want some wine to wash down that hypocrisy? I guess if they really wanted to actually prevent Femicide and Gendercide they might have voted to make it illegal. Seems logical, doesn’t it?

I’ll be frank. California Democrats you are disgusting, murdering, blood-on-your-hands, two-faced-liars! You had it in your grasp. You held the power of life and death and you chose death. Every dead Indian, Chinese, or American baby girl ripped from the insides of its mother merely because it’s a girl is on your heads. You might as well have snipped their spines yourselves. Tonight there are dead baby girls in dumpsters because of you. You have found a new low even for California Democrats which is about the lowest form of Democrat on the planet. Proof = Nancy Pelosi is your best.

I hope you’re happy. You’ve protected your precious choice. The blood of girls cries out in your state. California – you’re a slaughterhouse. No amount of 72 degree sunshine will bring back the laughter of the little girls you’ve murdered. These girls would have been born had you not turned your back on them. The War on Women rages and the murderous sycophants are Democrats! All Democrats!

Here’s a cool talking point from one of the murderers. “My constituents do not support this particular effort in restricting access to reproductive health services or interfering in that relationship that a woman has with her physician,” said Sebastian Ridley-Thomas (D-Culver City).

Reproductive health services? Really. That’s what killing a baby girl is called now. We are leading the world in killing women in California, because we have not interfered between that, oh so special relationship, between a woman and her physician. What kind of relationship does a girl from India or China have with her physician? A physician she just met over an ultrasound? Then when the kind Dr. from Cali says, oh it looks like a baby girl, I’m sure it’s the deep relationship and bond between doctor and patient that allows that doctor to destroy that daughter, to murder her, and forcibly remove her life from her. Californians rejoice! Thanks to your brave Democrats, murdering a baby in late term abortion because it’s a girl is safe, legal, and not so rare. The murdering of baby girls might be the only business still booming in that God-forsaken state.

There is a special place in hell for the likes of you, California Democrats.

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S.C. Sherman
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