Religion of Peace? Pregnant Woman Sentenced to Death for “Adultery” with Her Husband

Written by Wes Walker on May 26, 2014

As far as causes go, how could anyone NOT support hers? Wrongfully imprisoned pregnant woman? — Check. (She’s even photogenic, no less!)

Incarcerated with her 20-month-old son? — Check.

Threatened with beatings and public execution… convert or die? — Check. (Sorry, that should be: “abandon your husband, AND convert” or die.)

Yup. Just another example of jackboot Christian Imperialistic extremism. Right?

That’s got to be it. Because there’s a Christian in the story. And control freaks.

That means this is the Spanish Inquisition, right?

Actually, supposing the roles were reversed, and such a thing were being (wrongfully) done in the name of Christ, there can be no doubt of the public denunciations such a government-sanctioned murder would provoke.

But no. This story features a Christian woman whose father was Muslim.

This means, under the law of her native Sudan, this very committed Christian woman is not “actually” a Christian (even though she’s been a Christian since she was 6 years old).

The courts have decided she is an “apostate Muslim”. This means her marriage to a Christian man is illegal, and she is therefore “guilty of adultery”.

To repeat this, a Christian woman married a Christian man. She is pregnant with their second child, and is somehow “guilty of adultery.” Therefore, she faces 100 lashes and death. And the toddler is taken from his father.

Since neither of these people have complied with the court’s jackboot insistence that they convert to Islam, (they were given 2 weeks) according to their law, she must die.

I’ll link to the story, using the headline of the article:

U.S. Leaves Pregnant Christian To Hang

I hope you will help get the word out, and demand that Sudan be pressured to release her. The Guardian is reporting that some public pressure is already growing.

If they hang this innocent woman anyway, we need to see some sort of a response from the government.

This could be the one time where they finally get foreign policy right. (One can hope.)

And as for “going forward”?

It’s time we finally recognized that Sharia Law is explicitly at odds with our most basic human rights.