Satanic Shock at Harvard: Uninspired Act of Anti-Social Hacks

Written by Chuck Gruenwald on May 11, 2014

When it comes to rebellion, there are true rebels who put at least some creativity into their anti-social behavior, and then there are the uninspired hacks who fail to treat the act of unconformity as an art form by sloppily aiming directly for easy, blatant shock value. When news broke of a planned Satanic black mass at Harvard University on Sunday — Mothers’ Day of all days — it’s safe to assume that the intended targets of the planners’ wrath – those forgiving, benign Christians – weren’t as upset with the participants’ goals of taunting and humiliating them as they were with the unintended consequences that would haunt the instigators.

The opposition of Christians to what is planned on Sunday may not indicate opposition to free speech. Instead, the message that is aimed at the participants is probably a warning about the dangers of worshipping and embracing a philosophy, religion or political perspective with a purposefully hidden meaning; a cause that would have few, if any followers if its true meaning were open to analysis beyond face value. The fact that such a ceremony is planned at an institution that now attracts professors with a fondness for a leftist utopia and contempt for Christians isn’t ironic, since devil worship has a few similarities to socialism/communism/progressivism.

Worshipping Satan is a quick and minimally thought-out option for those who lack the creativity to throw Christians into a panic. Besides, nothing screams “happy Mothers’ Day” quite like pledging loyalty to humanity’s first enemy. If there were ever a situation where the laws of unintended consequences were to lay a massive smack down on the participants, this is it.

Blindly pledging one’s loyalty to an unknown entity – whether it be a self-appointed leader, a political movement, or a supernatural force that is less than forthcoming with its agenda is the easiest route to ensure that history will once again repeat itself.

Like Satan, socialist and communist leaders possess a need to be a god – or at least the perception of being god-like. This need is so strong, that it either drives its victims to the point of insanity, or insanity feeds this need for a god-like image. As result of this insanity, the inflicted become the opposite of God. Whereas God is a creator, the imitators resort to destruction, especially when it comes to items that are used to acknowledge and pray to God, such as the destruction of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, or even people who worship God.

With a leader in place, the search is on for followers who are angry, lost and hopeless. In other words, there is a search for individuals who are easily broken down and impressionable.

Once an individual is broken down to the point where he or she is convinced that they are unable to reverse their self-perceived losing struggle against an enemy that is defined by their true oppressors, they are then easily convinced that their only “logical” recourse is retaliation. Once the retaliation has evolved into a divide-and-conquer operation, the similarities continue with the exercise of fear, intimidation of the weak, and the use of force on those who refuse to follow.

The organizers realize that hopelessness is a powerful tool; when someone believes that there is nothing to gain under the status quo, they also believe that there is nothing to lose in a fight to change the status quo. Perhaps the most important link that all self-serving entities – both human and pure evil entities — share is the philosophy that the end justifies the means. Living by this rule negates the validity of all other rules that are intended to maintain civility. When civility breaks down, those who helped eliminate their “oppressors” become the new enemies of their former leaders. The evil that once seemingly offered salvation becomes the real hopelessness that existed only in lies. Realizing that someone has become what they once hated is not the best time to realize that he or she should have taken the time to be a better, smarter rebel.

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