SMART CHICK: Young Woman Prevents HS School Massacre By Trusting Her Gut

Published on May 4, 2014

The watchful eye of a young woman who was doing dishes has been credited with preventing a well-planned family and high school massacre in Minnesota, authorities say.

Chelsie Schellhas was standing at the sink of her home in Wacesa on Tuesday night when out of the window she noticed a tall young man slip into the storage facility next door.

‘He shut the door and normally we see people come here and it doesn’t take them 10 minutes to open a storage shed, so I called it in,’ Schellhas told CNN.

And she was right – once police arrived, they discovered the unit was being used to make an arsenal of explosive devices, which would eventually lead them to a cache of seven guns and six bombs, along with the materials to make more.

John LaDue, 17, a local honor student, has allegedly admitted to an elaborate plan he had hatched to kill ‘as many students as he could’ as part of a personal commemoration of the Columbine High School massacre, which occurred on April 20, 199.

Schellahas told the Minneapolis Star-Tribune the teen was cutting through her backyard when she first noticed him.

‘He walked through the puddles when there was a perfectly good road he could have walked on,’ Schellhas told the paper.

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