SNOWDEN V. NSA: Edward Snowden Reveals What the NSA Can Do With Your Phone, Even if It’s Off

Published on May 29, 2014
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The most chilling episode of the interview covered the infiltration of US citizens’ domestic electronic equipment ranging from the cell phone in your pocket to the notebook computer on your lap. Snowden claimed that any world class intelligence organization has the capacity to turn cell phones on or off remotely, even with the phone turned off, track your online searches, and tap into the camera in your phone to take pictures of the area around you, while also tracking your physical location, and pairing your phone to the phones of other people to determine who you are spending time with and what you are doing together.

Most disturbing was Snowden’s revelation that the NSA has the technical capacity to mirror the processes of your own mind as you compose correspondence, trade tweets and emails with friends, relatives and associates, to the point where their software can actually predict your future actions on the basis of your past performance. Most important of all, Snowden thinks, is the fact that the NSA was doing this surveillance wholesale, on everyone, at the same time, looking for connections between private citizens and known criminal elements, including potential terrorist associations linking innocent individuals to “persons of interest” to the government, inferring relationships where none existed.

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