Red Flag! Kitty Torturers: Serial Killers In the Making?

Written by ++++Allen on May 16, 2014

The two South Portland teens were fifteen when they were charged with felony animal cruelty in September 2013 over a video clip. They have pleaded not guilty in court. The video in question shows two young girls microwaving a little kitten. [Editor: Fortunately, the cat survived and appears unharmed.] The girls must undergo a psychological assessment before their next court appearance. Gee, do you think they will pass?

I saw this story on my Facebook feed recently. Outrage somewhat describes my reaction and those of the 1500 plus posted remarks, which dished out every form of death threat imaginable. I particularly liked the several “microwave them (the two girls), and see how they like it” comments.

Their defense attorney defended the Spawns of Satan by saying, “They were just doing something they thought was funny, I think they didn’t understand what took place here.” Maybe the devil’s advocate can argue a dumb blonde excuse. No, wait a minute, even blondes–of which I’m a member–aren’t that dumb!

Students that are intrigued by the psychological studies of serial killers know that the likes of Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy, Jeffrey Dahmer, and Richard Ramirez all started with getting their “kicks” by torturing animals. The “kicks” part is the problem of the depraved mind, one which receives happiness at the expense of another’s suffering.

What is particularly disturbing are the facts of this case. The young age: fifteen isn’t a newbie, yet old enough to know better. By this age all have felt physical pain and should have empathy for the pain of others, be it humans or animals. Their lack of a correct emotional response to a terrifying action is truly alarming, laughing is heard on the kitten vs. microwave video.

Also that this crime was perpetrated by girls–wow. What ever happened to the “sugar and spice and everything nice girl”? Since when do girls not love to cuddle and coddle little furry animals? Girls would always-I still do- ooh and ahh when seeing anything furry.

Where is their sense of right and wrong, their moral compass? It is a parent’s job to teach their children the “please” and “thank you”s of life. Right parenting, leads to right thinking children. One has to wonder if these parents are as heartless and void of normal human emotions as their off-spring.

Remember the book or the movie, Lord of the Flies? In a nutshell, it’s a disturbing story about several children who, thru circumstances, are thrown together without adult-parent supervision and how savage they ultimately became. Could this be another case of absent-parent syndrome, where children are raising themselves with other absentee-parent children? Parents are busy with a plethora of excuses, be it working, disconnected, MIA, or on drugs.

All in all, there is no excuse for what was perpetrated upon this kitten. Yet I’m sure one of these parent disconnects will be used as part of an defense strategy. I hope a jury won’t be swayed by the smoke-and -mirrors, defense attorney bull. Hold them accountable for their actions. Send these two poster children for the pro-choice abortion crowd down the river for a very long time.

As an added tidbit, did you know that the majority of serial killers are white? Did you also know serial killers are overwhelmingly male? Well, for the times they are a-changn’.

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