5 Things to Tell Your Husband This Father’s Day

Published on June 14, 2014

Father’s day isn’t just a day for kids to celebrate their dads – wives should also take part in thanking Dad for being the provider, protector, hunter and hero of the household. Here are some things wives can tell their husbands on Father’s Day from Ashleigh Slater at Crosswalk.com:

1. I appreciate you. 

Don’t just encourage your kids to say they appreciate dad. Let your husband know you appreciate him too. That you notice and are thankful for how he fathers. Share with him a specific way you appreciate him.

2. Your job is important.

I’m not referring to your husband’s “day job,” though that is important. Rather, I’m talking about his work as a father in the daily lives of your kids. Studies show that dads make just as much of a difference when it comes to the healthy development of kids as moms do.

3. Keep up the good work! 

The truth is, we all have areas where we wish our husbands did better or were more involved. But I bet there are also areas where they are doing a great job. This Father’s Day, focus on these areas.

4. I’m glad we’re not the same. 

Thank your husband for the unique things he brings to parenting. Maybe he loves playing board games with the kids, while you don’t.

5.  I support you. 

Remind your husband that you support his efforts to be a good father. That you are on his team, cheering him on in his successes and comforting him in his failures.

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