ALLEN WEST: Obama Doesn’t Have A Clue About Iraq, Here’s What I’d Do

Published on June 16, 2014

Everything is all fun and games until ISIS takes over in Iraq. According to Allen West, Obama doesn’t have a clue about what to do in this situation. Here are some of his own recommendations:

First it starts with understanding who leads ISIS. According to The Daily Beast, the Islamist extremist some are now calling the most dangerous man in the world is the Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, who served four years at the biggest U.S. detention camp in Iraq. And he was released in 2009.

Since Obama and the U.S. suffer from “war fatigue” and publicly state so, ISIS has no fear of U.S. intervention — but they do of Iran. Obama stated that al-Mailki has to solve this himself, and he will by siding with his Shiite brothers in Iraq — Iranian President Hasan Rouhani has already issued his intent and has the al-Quds force Commander, who was in Syria, now in Baghdad.

The Obama administration should have seen this coming when the black al-Qaida flags showed up in al-Anbar province. The options are now few, and just shooting a bunch of Hellfire missiles from drones will not solve the problem. Air strikes would require a ground element, which could adequately bring munitions to bear against the enemy.

Possibly the only remaining option would be to ally with the Kurdish Peshmerga Army and cut ISIS off from the rear and target their base of operations in Syria. Let us not forget that there are western fighters in ISIS ranks. As well, the last thing we would want is for an Islamist group to influence the flow of oil out of the second-largest oil producing country in the Middle East.

The bottom line is, we can deal with ISIS now, or we will deal with them later, when they stronger and more entrenched. With Obama in charge, chances are it will be later — after all al-Qaida is decimated and on the run.

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