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ALLEN WEST SAYS: Obama & His Boys Are Untrustworthy ‘Chuckleheads’ Regarding Bergdahl

Allen West points out why the Obama administration are untrustworthy ‘chuckleheads’, as they attempt to silence and discredit members of Bowe Bergdahl’s platoon who say he was a ‘deserter’:

Referring to Bergdahl as a “deserter” is appropriate. As we have stated, he abandoned his assigned duty post leaving behind weapon, body armor, and night vision devices. However, in typical liberal fashion, his actions were hailed by the president with a Rose Garden photo op and by National Security Advisor Rice as serving with “honor and distinction.”

So when this affront was clear to the men of Bergdahl’s platoon, they spoke out. And the question is, if these men are “psychopaths” and exemplified poor discipline and standards, as the New York Times has described — then why were they forced to sign non-disclosure agreements?

If Secretary of Defense Hagel says he doesn’t know of any Soldiers losing their lives in search and recovery missions for Bergdahl, then why not declassify the 2010 Pentagon report on the matter?

And having been a part of a search and recovery mission in Iraq in 2003 for two Ft. Sill Soldiers CAPTURED from their checkpoint, an assigned duty post, I can attest that a mission brief is very specific in addressing the task and purpose for the operation. So, I trust the assessments from these men far more than any Obama administration chucklehead.

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