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ALLEN WEST SCHOOLS OBAMA: ‘May I Enlighten You On the Definition of War?’

Allen West goes to town on Obama following the release of 5 Taliban members from Guantanamo Bay and his efforts to ‘end the war on terror’. Check it out:


One of the foundational writers career military officers must read is Prussian general and military theorist Carl von Clausewitz, whose unfinished work Vom Kriege (On War) is viewed as a classic read on strategic military theory.

Clausewitz’s work ties together the importance of politics and the will of the people to the prosecution of military operations. One of his key statements was a simple definition of war, which he defined as “an act of violence intended to compel our opponent to fulfill our will.”

As I listened yesterday to the incessant misstatements about this Taliban release episode emanating from various “all knowing” pundits — it was evident they had not read Clausewitz, and I’m fairly certain you, Mr. President, have not as well.

If Clausewitz’s assertion was correct, I must ask if the actions of releasing the senior leadership of the enemy evidence our ability to impose our will?

In attempting to defend those actions, many have said we are coming to the end of a war, and thus prisoners are always exchanged. Mr. President, simply declaring that we are ending a war does not end anything. May I remind you it is only possible to end a war by two means: winning or losing — not simply deciding to leave.