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ANTI-HUNTERS ARE INSANE: “Aborted Babies Could Have Become Hunters, Good Riddance”

Pictured: Left, an anti-hunting liberal troll/commenter. Middle, James Hetfield. Right, Doug Giles, with the Brown Bear he hunted in Prince William Sound, Alaska.

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On May 24th I ran a news piece about Metallica’s front man, James Hetfield, being slated to narrate a bear hunting show on Kodiak Island for The History Channel. Here’s the original post: HEAVY METAL & BIG BEARS: Metallica’s James Hetfield to Narrate Kodiak Bear Hunt Doc

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Since we posted that column, we have been inundated with anti-hunters breathing out death threats and vile comments to those of us who hunt. We decided to compile a short list our their ravings so you can see how unhinged they truly are. Check ’em out. And feel free to go respond to some of their comments:

Aaron Ishityou Nott tazz14 hours ago

I could be pro abortion because there are too many humans on this planet destroying native animals…. some of those aborted babies may have become hunters, good riddance :-p

Cristiano Amaral18 hours ago

Hey hetfield, when your daughter fell down with a cancer, when you must to bury her….you will feel the same pain the some of people that love animals, I hope you suffer more than is….maybe it’s time to you pull the trigger and blow you coward mind…probably if you had no weapon, you would never have had the guts to kill animals without weapons you’re a little girl…metallica never more…you suck.
I really wish you lost your wife, your daughter and your son tragically, but you must to keep alive, to suffer alone, maybe you can made a trophy with your daughter head….


Dr Núria Querol MD5 hours ago

Shame on you, subhuman, for breaking into their home and slaughtering them. Leave them alone and read a book instead


Luis • 14 hours ago

Why he don’t kill and eat his mother and sisters ??

Narda • 16 hours ago

Trophy hunting = pure idiotic evil. Hope the arrogant humans get eaten!

Sebastian Sainza day ago


richo • a day ago

I’d happily watch a TV show where a large bear stalks an unarmed Hetfield in his house.

Markus • a day ago

Sadistic a**hole he is!!! What a shame, what a deep fall Mr.Hetfield or whatever his mame is!

Lefty Blitzera day ago

What a piece-of-shit scumbag. “People” like that should be removed from the planet.


Mare Luisa Denis2 days ago

humans are the most pathetic animal ever to evolve….we also are the only animal that will be directly resposible for our own extinction….too bad we’ll drag millions with us to their deaths leaving behind a burning polluted world. idiots.

sue Mare Luisa Denis2 days ago

I agree with your comment, humans are the worse animals on the planet


Mare Luisa Denis reply to Scott Pam2 days ago

hobby….fuck off doucebag! wish the bear tore his guts out while he watched on….piece of garbage … killing for a ‘hobby’ scum!

Henrique Ayres Zanon Reply to Mi2 days ago

Shut up stupid… pray the lord you are under human law’s side otherwise you would be in a plate for someone to devour you… as they say irrational animals must die for meat consumption… your IQ must be less than 1 digit… enough to become food as what they say…


Mi Mark G2 days ago

I would rather have a fresh slice of animal.

Henrique Ayres Zanon Mi2 days ago

You would rather have a stick in your ass motherfuc**


Mark P. Don11 days ago

Too bad they wont hunt Hetfield. I have met him in person. POS is too good a description. He will never be a Terrible Ted, or even a human being.

hhallste a few seconds ago

he should have been aborted, as Ginger would say,..and Ginger was right on the drummer already


Denver Kitty • 11 days ago

I’ve personally seen the hide, claws, and skull of one of these bears…truly frightening…but so is the story behind the kill. A friend of mine and his two buddies went to Kodiak Island. After 3 days there without seeing a Kodiak bear, they were back at their corrugated iron shack. Two of the guys set their guns against the interior wall by the door. My friend placed his in back of him at the opposite end of the “room”. There was no warning when that bear walked up (outside), reared up, and literally flattened that corrugated shack. With the other two guys trapped underneath the flattened structure, the only one who could reach his weapon was my friend. I’m telling you now that I saw photos of the demolished shack, and the dead bear. Jan had the skin as a wall decoration, and it was HUGE and awesome. I will never forget it. From what Jan (my friend) told me, he will NEVER go back to Kodiak Island again. None of the 3 hunters did anything to cause the bear to attack, nor had they left any food to bait the bear. These things are just top predators, and we are “meat on the hoof”.

Mare Luisa Denis Denver Kitty2 days ago

they went to the bear’s island…they did do something…invade the space of a massive carnivore…idiots. kill kill kill yay for blood lust!


anon anon11 days ago

Now only 3499 brown bear on Kodiak Island left, down by one, hey Gil, lose that high powered rifle, get a compound bow, and that S&W 500 in the truck, or in your case the plane… then post a picture of your big bad boy self.

Any man can draw bead at 500 yards with a 30 ot 6. the bear never even had a chance. try taking one with the compound bow, or if you want to really impress me and your readers, a recurve bow. I challenge you.

Mare Luisa Denis anon2 days ago

too bad he didn’t kill himself after killing his own kids and wife…..a dozen less humans like him on earth would be a good thing!

kirk reply to Mi8 days ago

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