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Back in the White House Prop Dept.: More Headaches

Your Prez attended his first D-Day Ceremony at Normandy since becoming Prez. He had eschewed all the previous Normandy Ceremonies, unlike all his predecessors, who had never missed once. I think he even saluted (properly …not that idiotic and insulting “crotch salute” he perfected, which reminded me of Michael Jackson…but who needs that…not counting the uproariously funny “Thriller” video). And now, apparently to shore up his sagging polls, he performed heroically by negotiating the release of Sgt (?) Bergdahl. Unfortunately, the big media and the American electorate are not the only folks who fail to vet people they are about to propel to ephemeral stardom. 

Everyone in Bergdahl’s unit says he went over the wall. It also appears he aided the enemy, which doesn’t matter to your Prez because he can’t even formulate the word “terrorist” during a speech. It just cannot be persuaded to flash momentarily on his teleprompter. He has also made statements denigrating his native Nation, but that may have been under duress from his buddies in the Taliban (pronounced “Tali-BAN” like the old underarm deodorant…not “Tali-BON” which rhymes with “CON,” as in conned” which we have been). But…now it seems the statements were made before he went over to offer his services (and military information) to his new pals.

Couldn’t the amateur whiz-kids in the Administration have done just a bit of their homework before picking this guy to rescue?”  (And is it O.K. to stop calling this Administration an administration? What are they administering besides big parties attended by Hollywood Lefties, extremely costly presidential vacations ($40,000,000 and counting), transportation for the First Dog and endless golf outings? And why is BO the Dog named for his master’s initials? Who in the world names their dog after him self? And didn’t the middle initial get left out? BHO, admittedly, doesn’t fall off your lips like “BO,” but shouldn’t the Prez be more sensitive about his family heritage? It might remind him how his ancestors were never slaves…but who’s counting those sort of facts? 

A bunch of lions is called a “pride.” A bunch of geese is called a “gaggle.” A bunch of dumb cows is called a “herd.” But what do you call a bunch of people who say things like “We have to pass the bill to see what’s in it” or “Four dead Americans…what does it matter?” or “Dude, that was two years ago?”  I looked up the word for a bunch of clowns, but there was no particular word for such a collective. And there’s a distinction. Clowns are deliberately being funny. They want to make us laugh. Not “put one over on us.” The guys in this “Administration” aren’t trying to be humorous. And they believe they are doing good stuff everywhere. Maybe “bunchoidiots” is appropriate. 

Why didn’t this bunchoidiots at least interview the guys in Bergdahl’s unit before using Susan Rice to explain the Prez did the right thing because “no one gets left behind.” It sounds good when a Marine says it, but Susan Rice has been stripped of all personal credibility…by her own actions…several times…in one Sunday morning. At this point, if Rice said “the President is a big fat liar,” I might begin to think I could really keep my doctor. And didn’t Bergdahl want to be “left behind?” He was the one who went over the wall. 

PS: Maybe the Prez is gonna’ make this thing work out well. Maybe he’s gonna’ call in one of his famous patented drone strikes on those five war criminals he set free. That would catapult him upward through the polling stratosphere in my book, since such a strike would smell of justice and humorous irony.

PSS: What the heck is that red “hat” thingie on the Sarge’s head in the Tali-BAN captivity propaganda photo? An implement of psychological torture. (“Wear theese red hat-like thing you filthy eenfeedel American son of a wanton dog and a vile treacherous she-camel…while we are off camurah laughing our smelly selves seelly.”) Do these jerks have a sense of humor after all? Can it be we have misunderstood them?  When they aren’t stoning their wives because they screwed up the toast at breakfast…or physically mutilating their infant daughters…or arguing over whose name appears uppermost on some cute she-goat’s dance card at the sock-hop …or raping male corpses…can it be these guys are really the life of any party? 

PSSS: Was that previous post script over the top? Did it go too far?  If you feel it did…you are banned from reading my baloney ever in future. If you feel that way…frankly, I’m surprised you ever read my stuff…or that you can even read.

PSSSS: And what is this video with the Prez putting his arm around Bergdahl’s mom? Does he think he’s back at the Mandela funeral and sharing sweet nothings with the Premier of Denmark?  And why is Daddy Bergdahl walking sheepishly behind the giggling couple? What’s going on here? (What kind of Warrior for Allah is that?) If he pulled that rubbish with my wife she woulda’ socked him on the jaw. And if anything was left, I woulda’…well… frankly…after MY wife was through…there would have been only a small bio-hazardous grease spot for the Secret Service to deal with.

You don’t put your paws on some other guy’s wife. It “just ain’t fittin’ ” as Mammy said in Gone with the Wind. You see, if Obama would watch old movies, instead of “hanging” with the drug swillin’, androgynous, small time pansies who make movies these days, he might learn some social graces and appropriate behavior. Although, one would hope he could come up with a better explanation for Ashley Wilkes being besotted than “Well, we was down at Belle Watling’s house and …well…some of the fellas got to drinkin’ a little….” But if you have a particularly gullible Captain Ward Bond to bamboozle…it would be fun. Forgetting that scene for the moment…Obama could learn more from those old movies than he has apparently learned…where ever he learned the little he has learned.

Now back to the guys in the White House Prop Department.


Steve Bowers

Steve Bowers grew up on a farm in Indiana, attended Indiana University and went into the construction business. While working on a construction project at a law school he was appalled at how lawyers could screw stuff up on a simple building project. Thinking he could do better, Steve went to law school. He’s pretty naive.