Behind Enemy Lines: Old Gay Man Pushes Limits with Me!

Written by Angel Rodriguez on June 19, 2014

Living my entire life in ultra-liberal New York City, I have experienced a great deal of things. Some experiences were good, and some were not. Today I will share a story that would have some of you in prison for murder had you been in my shoes. Somehow I managed to keep my composure. This is a personal story, a true story, and it really taught me that I have a great deal of self-control.

This story takes place back in the days when I used to train at Bally’s total fitness, around 2001 or so. During that time frame, I was dating this woman. We worked out with each other, and then we would spend sometime relaxing together in the jacuzzi.

Bally’s had a very heavy homosexual population. I have always stated that I have no issue with gays. I’m of the mindset that to each their own. Back then I would get hit on by dudes quite often, even when it was clear that I was with my girlfriend, and I had no interest whatsoever. I always took it in stride, I’d say, thank you, but no thank you, and I’d keep it moving.

There was this one guy, I forget his name, but he was an older gentleman. We’ll call him badger, as in honey badger, cause this crazy old fool didn’t give a crap. You’ll see what I mean shortly.

I struck a bit of a friendship with badger. He was nice enough, and he was a cool dude to talk to. This old dude was a wild elderly man, one time he introduced me to a stunning Brazilian woman. He said, “Angel, this is my wife. I will let you sleep with her, if you let me watch.” As I mentioned earlier, I was dating a woman whom I loved very much, so I passed up on the fine Brazilian lady.

Once leaving the jacuzzi, and before splitting for the showers, me and my lady would spend sometime together in the stairwell. We’d plan for dinner, kiss, and then part to shower. Sometimes we’d get a little intense, and my body would react.

I was in the showers, after going hot with my love for a few minutes. So I was turned on, and slowly relaxing as I showered. Badger, the crazy old man, passed by my shower stall and smiled at what he saw. He said in Spanish “Oh my, what is this? Are your true colors finally coming out?” Then he did the unthinkable! This freaking guy stuck his hand in the stall, grabbed my manhood, and make a licking motion with his lips.

My initial reaction was that of shock. I couldn’t believe that this guy just grabbed my freaking man tool! My next reaction was that I wanted to beat the living crap out of this guy. I finished up at the showers, and then I put on some pants and went looking for him. I found him sitting down, and he looked up at me; his aged face was glowing with excitement. He was such an elderly dude that my anger dissipated. I just couldn’t get myself to assault this man for his major act of disrespect. I asked him what made him think that it was safe to do that? He stated that he thought I would like it because I was visibly excited.

At that point, I told him that if he ever did something like that again, next time I won’t be merciful because of his old age. Furthermore, I forbade him from ever speaking to, or interacting with me or my girl ever again! If he did, I’d report him to the authorities for sexual assault. I don’t know what became of that old man. However, after that, he’d look in my direction, but he never said anything to me or my girl.

Given the political nature of this city, I am almost certain that had I hurt this man, I’d be prosecuted. I’d be rotting in a prison today for abusing the elderly. I know I made the right decision. This guy was ancient and I couldn’t justify this beating, not to mention that they would have locked me up and thrown away the key.

So now that you have heard this story, what do you think? Would your machismo have sent you to prison? Would you harm a very old man for this heinous action? I’m curious to know what you would do if you were in my shoes?

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