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YOU BLEW IT AGAIN: Palin Blasts Obama For Surrendering To ‘Osama’s Partners’ For Bergdahl

Sarah Palin strongly rebuked President Barack Obama on Monday for trading known terrorists for accused military deserter Bowe Bergdahl.

Palin, an increasingly outspoken critic of the president’s ability to effectively carry out his duties as Commander in Chief of the nation’s armed services, said the president’s actions ‘just destroyed troop morale.’

‘You blew it again, Barack Obama,’ the former Republican vice presidential candidate said in a Facebook post on Monday afternoon, ‘by negotiating away any leverage against the bad guys as these bad guys – Osama Bin Laden’s partners in evil crime – joyfully celebrate their “win” in the deal you sealed.’

Palin is among those who believe that Bergdahl was trying to desert the Army when he was captured by Taliban forces five years ago.

It’s unknown whether Bergdahl actually abandoned the military but its clear he voluntarily left his post in Afghanistan on the day in question.

On Saturday the Taliban released Bergdahl, the last known U.S. solider in captivity, to U.S. Special Forces in exchange for five enemy combatants being held at Guantanamo Bay. At least one of the detainees the U.S. agreed to swap for Bergdahl was tied to bin Laden.

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