BONUSES FOR BS: VA Gave $10M in Bonuses In Last 3yrs. While Vets Rotted

It appears as if Fedzilla handsomely rewards folks within the VA who screw our vets with crappy, or no health care at all. Check out this scandalous bit of 411. Via Breitbart:

The Phoenix Veterans Administration is back in the spotlight — this time for handing out $10 million in bonuses to doctors and administrators as hundreds of veterans waited to see doctors, some dying before receiving healthcare.

The Arizona Republic of Phoenix recently discovered that over the last three years the Phoenix VA had doled out hefty bonuses to employees as wait lists mounted.

Reporters requested the information on the bonuses “at least 10 times” before the VA finally came through with the records.

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Bonuses steadily increased prior to 2012 — but when Sharon Helman became director of the Phoenix VA, the rate of bonuses surged.

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