Christians/Jews Criticized For Millennia: Time For Muslims To Buck UP!!

Written by Audrey Russo on June 18, 2014

You grow up the day you have your first real laugh — at yourself.” ~ Ethel Barrymore

Christians understand freedom. It is one of the benefits of the Judeo-Christian Scriptures that were the foundation of our great Republic. Christians/Jews allow others to live in freedom to choose how to worship, if they choose to worship. They have been criticized, mocked, demeaned and their beliefs blasphemed for millennia. It has NEVER been necessary for the government to infringe upon and crush those who criticize an ideology…until Islam.

The Islamic world is stuck on “machismo” yet when it comes to their feelings, they appear to be SO super- sensitive that they must control the entire non-Muslim world from giving them a boo-boo on their itty-bitty hearts. And they are attempting this by intense pressure at the United Nations (via the Organization of Islamic Cooperation) for laws that just so HAPPEN to comply with Islamic Sharia Law. Blasphemy Laws (controlling speech) command ALL peoples submit to Islamic Law, whether believer or unbeliever (kafir, infidel).

Leaders of the two most populous Muslim countries (Indonesia and Pakistan) have argued vigorously that insults against Muhammed, Islam’s prophet, incite violence and are not legitimate free speech. This coming from the “arbiters” of free speech…Muslim States are the greatest draconian, dictatorial regimes on earth, next to their twin: Communist countries. Even the dubious leader of the Free World, Barack Obama, joined the chorus of hate against free speech at the UN in Sept. 2012, when he stunningly said, “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.”

And tragically, Leftists worldwide are happily aiding them on their freedom-crushing course.

A little info for Leftist-poisoned minds: We do not have a right NOT to be offended in this country. Freedom of speech is an inestimable gift that must be respected to be appreciated. And it is a mature matter that should be handled by adults who don’t whine and cry like infants the moment someone steps on their rhetorical toes. Respecting free speech is allowing others to have their voice…whether we agree with them, or not. This concept is foreign to an ideology created by a control-freak named Muhammed, who used the tactics now made an art by the Left: Fool them by their feelings (because if they can get you to bypass your brain, they win).

Bulletin to the followers of Islam: It’s now the 21st century…and Islam must step into it…or slither back into its ominous orifice in the earth. It’s time to buck-up…grow a thick skin on those feeble feelings and enjoy the freedom that Judeo-Christian precepts have established. A whole new world lives outside the iron-fisted burqa of Islam’s ideology…

It’s time to grow up…and enjoy your first real laugh…at yourself!

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