DEAR DEER HUNTERS: John Fugelsang Thinks He’s Better Than You

Written by Doug Giles on June 25, 2014

Pictured: Right, Regis Giles of and Her 9pt. West Texas Whitetail.


Hey, hunters. Check out the high and lofty anti-hunting tweet from the oh-so-sassy, John Fugelsang.

John, you see, is able to look at a deer, enjoy its beauty and not want to kill it for shits and giggles like us blood thirsty ‘sport’ hunters do.

Don’t you get it hunters?

John F … is better than you.


Screen Shot 2014-06-24 at 7.06.38 AM


Yes, Fugelsang thinks he’s on a higher plane and the only way you can ruin his wet dream of ascendency is by bringing into the picture the hundreds of millions of dollars hunters and hunting organizations bring to the table each year for the conservation of both land and species around the world.

Or, the fact that if John’s a vegetarian, then a farmer will shoot that deer and many others for John if it eats John’s precious veggies grown in farmer Joe’s garden.  Yes, farmers have special permits to kill deer and other animals that raid the farms where JF’s vegetables are grown.

Another ditty that might sink Fugelsang a tad is how hunters, not bunny loving, tree-humping elitists, have brought back deer, elk, bear, ducks and several African antelopes from near extinction.

Also, please don’t mention the literal tons of low fat, high protein, yummy venison ‘sport’ hunters provide for the homeless and the downtrodden.  If he knew that, he might actually feel like a dick for diminishing the role hunters play in providing for our country’s poorest and we wouldn’t want him to feel bad now would we?

Finally, maybe one of us should tell John that ‘sport’ hunters greatly diminish the number of deaths that occur when the deer comes through one’s windshield at 70mph and that hunting is our best defense for battling the brutal Lyme disease which comes primarily from deer ticks.



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