Doesn’t Disappoint — Thumbs Up to D’Souza’s Newest Read

I just finished reading Dinesh D’Souza’s latest book, America – Imagine A World Without Her.  It is a well-written and informative critique of the current, accelerating decline of America under the Obama-Progressive movement.  It clearly explains and defends the brilliance underpinning America’s founding documents and the founding Spirit of 1776.

D’Souza’s says America has abandoned many of the principles and values of 1776 in favor of radical 1968 Progressivism.  He claims America’s world leadership is in serious and measurable decline – both financially, economically, culturally, militarily, and as the respected world leader. 

He says world leaders see other countries, particularly China, replacing America as the dominant world leader by, ironically, adopting the Spirit of 1776, while wisely rejecting the cultural excesses of 1968 Progressivism. 

D'souza excerptThe book is highly critical of the Obama-Alinsky inspired administration and their aggressive abandonment of the Spirit of 1776 – and their adoption of the 1968 Progressive entitlement ideology.  The analogy expressed in the image included with this column succinctly summarizes the Obama-Progressive effort.  Don’t skip it.

Early in America – Imagine a World Without Her, D’Souza resolves “to turn the progressive critique on it’s head … demonstrate that the progressives are the real thieves … [and] to blow the whistle on these people, starting with Obama and continuing with Hillary Clinton and the whole progressive menagerie.”

Having read this book, I can attest to Dinesh D’Souza’s fulfillment of his commitment.  He effectively confronts the anti-American progressives on their own terms and exposes the errors in their ideology and the threat that it provides to America and to the world at large and to our posterity.  This is a book that any thinker can easily understand.  I enthusiastically recommend America – Imagine a World Without Her. D’Souza won’t let you down.

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William Pauwels

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