ERASE YOUR PAST FROM GOOGLE: 1000s Apply For Their ‘Right To Be Forgotten’ by Google

Published on June 1, 2014

Thousands of paedophiles have rushed to use a new form from Google giving them the ‘right to be forgotten’ which lets people apply to get themselves removed from search results.

The changes come after a landmark ruling by the European Court of Justice that people have the ‘right to be forgotten’ – so they can have Google search results removed if they tarnish their reputation.

Over 12,000 people across Europe have used the form since Google launched the online form yesterday morning. 

If those requests are granted, anyone searching for those people on Google will not be shown the aspects of their past that they have deemed to be embarrassing or damaging – making internet searches fundamentally less useful. 

At one point Google said it was getting 20 requests per minute.

But the ruling has already been criticised after early indications that around 12 per cent of applications were related to paedophilia.

A further 30 per cent concern fraud and 20 per cent were about people’s arrests or convictions.

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