Gov’t, Make Up Your Mind! Potential Terrorist or Veteran?

Published on June 13, 2014

by Mike Martin
Clash Daily Contributor

When I graduated High School In 19 _ _ I was still living at home. I started working right away and since I didn’t pay rent, utilities, or for my food , I probably had more disposable income than my parents who paid all the bills . After a year of living high on the hog , I took stock of where I was and where I was heading . I was just drifting . There was an expansion of the Police Action in Viet Namn ( current spelling is Vietnam ). I decided to serve. 

It’s probably silly now, but when I left the service my debriefing included the advice to never verify my dates of service. There as an impediment to being charged with “War Crimes”. I wasn’t guilty of any to my knowledge, but I took it as a precaution against all the anti-war protesters who called us baby killers because they didn’t approve of the war . They took out their hubristic frustrations against the war on it’s veterans, instead of on the politicians .
So veterans learned to be silent about their experiences . Some like “Swiftboat John” lied about their experiences for publicity or to show that they too were against the war – even though they fought in it .

Hypocrites ! For his hubris he made a living/career off of his misrepresentations . I don’t know why he did this as I’ve heard that his wife could afford to support him very well . Draft dodgers were labeled heroes , the draftee’s were labeled stupid or too poor to flee the draft and volunteers were “war mongers . I mention this to show that there is no love lost for a lot of veterans to the citizens of this country .
Notwithstanding that, veterans after 1990 Dessert Storm and the 1993 Iraq war were accorded “patriotic status” even by the protesters of the military actions that followed . They even apologized for the treatment of Vietnam veterans upon their return . Just so you know my feeling – I will state: “Too little – Too late” .

That “Veterans” are now considered potential terrorists by the very government that they fought for is beneath my contempt . I have very little love for two-faced politicians or for the citizens who will not fight for their country/Constitution . Even though I earned disdain for fighting , I damn well know what I was fighting for , the best government , “Under GOD”, to ever be established upon this earth . It was a “Republic” if we could keep it . It looks a lot like we won’t .
I have little respect for the politicians who pass unconstitutional laws, the Presidents who write laws through “executive orders” and the courts who have a strong tendency to ignore the Constitution and make law . All these idiots think that the Constitution doesn’t mean what it plainly says because the unconstitutional minded judges think that legal precedents have modified the Constitution . The mere fact that they think this shows that the precedent was wrong because it modified the Constitution without any Constitutional amendments being voted on. Simple logic seems to fail our government at all levels and in all branches .
Other than writing about my beliefs , I am still drifting and trying to convince our citizens to wake up before it’s too late . I plan on leaving this government in peace while it dies , assuming it pays me the same courtesy.

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mike martinMike Martin thanks you for the opportunity to express “different points of views”, and if you were to ask his family they would probably tell you that he’s as different as they come….