‘IF YOU HAVE GUNS, BRING THEM’: Iraqis Called To Use Their Personal Guns Against ISIS

Published on June 16, 2014

Thank God American gun control freaks haven’t gone to Iraq and disarmed the Iraqi citizens; because they’d be sitting ducks for the ISIS right now. Remember this when the gun control goons attempt to weasel your guns from your hands. According to Al Jazeera:

Iraq’s military recruitment drive has intensified over the last few days. Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani ‎on Friday announced that all Iraqis should join the national army.

His word counts. He’s the highest Shia religious authority in the country and as such is the spiritual guide for millions of Shia in this country, but his statement was meant to include all Iraqis not just Shia.

It all points to the further militarisation of Iraqi society. On Sunday the National Security Council hosted a press conference. One of the messages caught my ear: “If you have weapons at home, please bring them to the recruitment centre, there we will register you.”

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