HUNTERS WANTED: Aussie’s Want Int’l Hunters, ‘They’re Good People Who Spend Lots of Money’

Published on June 11, 2014

The state government in Victoria, Australia is looking to make themselves a desirable spot for hunters from all over the world. They see hunting as one of the biggest sources of economic activity and will be investing 18 million dollars over the next seven years on hunting infrastructure and education over the next 7 years.

With a larger deer population that is growing, the game hunting industry in Victoria brings in about 440 Million dollars worth of the economic activity generated and is one of the biggest tourism activities.

The hunters themselves are said to generally earn higher than the average income, have post school education and employment, and are also said to be family people.

The income generated by hunting is greater than many of their iconic sporting events, while most of those events have large costs in order to be staged.

The hunting industry is on track to overtake the largest sporting event, the Spring Racing Carnival which generates about $620 million. The Australian Open brings in $238 million, the British and Irish Lions Tour bringing $80 million, the Grand Prix $40 million, and the Liverpool v. Melbourne Victory $35 million.


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