Islamic Invasion: British Schools Bullied By The Bigoted Religion of Peace

Published on June 9, 2014

Remember how everyone said Islam ‘just wants to be one of us?’  They want to “enjoy our freedoms and life style” and blah … blah … blah?  England bought that crap hook, line and sinker.  Now they have an Islamic tiger by the tail.  Look at the chaos the “Religion of Peace” is creating in the UK:

How long do you think a white teacher would last in a British primary school if he were to tell his class of seven-year olds that all non-Christians were “filthy heathens”? Or if he referred to black people using the “n-word”? Or he accused all Muslims of being frustrated terrorists?

Not very long, I expect. The story would be a national scandal, with politicians promising to root out this disgraceful attitude wherever they found it, with earnest, handwringing Guardian editorials about the prevalence of racism in modern Britain, and a soundbite from the Prime Minister himself on Channel 4 News reassuring viewers how personally repellant he found the whole appalling business.

So how come for one particular minority the rules are different? How come, when a Birmingham teacher told his Local Education Authority that he had seen signs of an attempted Islamist takeover in local schools as early as 1993, his warnings were ignored and he ended up being dismissed for “gross misconduct”? How come when a headteacher advised the Department of Education of the Birmingham “Trojan Horse” plot in 2010, he too was ignored? How come, the very second it emerged that in certain Birmingham schools Western women were being described by teachers as “white prostitutes” and Westerners generally as “kuffar” the offending teachers weren’t sacked and the schools investigated with a view to closure?

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