JUDAS PRIEST: Openly Transgender Preacher Puts Church on Wrong Side of History

Published on June 10, 2014

I’m pretty certain this story was foretold in the book of Revelation somewhere.  I guarantee as he/she ‘preaches’ during this ‘historic event’ that he/she won’t be doing an exposition of Romans 1:18-24. According to Charisma News:

In another first—a history-making moment that will forever serve as a signpost along the road to Christianity’s rapid decline in America—the Rev. Cameron Partridge will preach in the name of Jesus at the Washington National Cathedral on June 22.

It’s historic because Partridge is the first-ever openly transgender priest to step onto the platform. Of course, his preaching debut at the historic cathedral aims to honor LGBT Pride Month. It doesn’t surprise me when Lucky Charms marks LGBT Pride Month with a #LucktyToBe campaign or when Hilton Hotels invites travelers to take part in the gay celebration, but the Washington National Cathedral? Yes, it’s telling indeed.

The Washington National Cathedral considers itself a “spiritual resource for our nation.” But many may not know that it’s also “an indispensable ministry for all people of all faiths and perspectives.” The National Cathedral’s vision is to be a catalyst for spiritual harmony in our nation, renewal in churches, reconciliation among faiths and compassion in our world. The funerals of many presidents and the inaugurations of five presidents of the United States have been held there.