JURASSIC ROCK: Guess How Much ‘A Wrinkled Rock’ Stones Concert Costs?

Published on June 23, 2014

I love classic rock.  I love to listen to it and watch old videos of my favorite bands, in their prime, and not when they’re ancient, crusty and barely ambulatory. Thanks for ruining the memories of my youth with your Jurassic Rock concerts:

Once upon a time, rock groups and rock stars knew what was expected of them. They turned up, tuned up, cleaned up financially and then, at a suitable point in their trajectory of success, post-puberty but usually pre-senility, they split up.

Game over. End of story. Thank you and goodnight.

Not any more. Now the old fellas just won’t go away, even if you beg. They might be over the hill — and far away — with their best days and biggest hits decades behind them, but that is no longer a barrier to popular acclaim and sell-out tours.

Like an army of grey zombies, spilling out from some forgotten gap in the earth’s crust, more and more of them are marching into a city near you — right now!

Forget the summer of love, this is the summer of wrinkle rock, courtesy of super groups and solo stars who have reassessed their own potential, then set out to take over the world again.

And it seems that nothing can stop this mushrooming march of the ancients.

Are the Rolling Stones to blame? You can’t keep the brutes off a stage. The group followed their sell-out 50th Anniversary tour of 2012 and 2013, with this year’s 14 On Fire world tour. Dates in Australia, postponed following the death of Mick Jagger’s girlfriend L’Wren Scott in March, have just been rescheduled.

It is business as usual for the Stones, whose preposterously priced tickets are the stuff of legend. At the O2 arena in London two years ago, my pretty average stadium seat cost [about] $680. And they still looked like insect men on a stage that was very, very far away.

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