Leftist Lies about “Extremist Right”? Right Must Fights Back Just as Hard

Written by Paul Hair on June 29, 2014

Leftists engaged in their normal practice of lying when they claimed Las Vegas murderers Jerad and Amanda Miller “proved” the danger of the “extremist right,” and the only way to stop this practice is to expose the truth and fight back just as hard.

Blood of the victims hadn’t yet dried before the media and fellow leftists rushed to identify the Millers as conservatives. They said some Facebook “likes” and internet posts by the Millers, Jerad Miller attempting to infiltrate the rally at Cliven Bundy’s ranch earlier this year, and the presence of a Gadsden flag and swastika at the scene of the crime were overwhelming proof of their right-wing allegiance. And thus, leftists said, this validated their never-ending charge that the “extremist right” is a national security threat worthy of government monitoring and investigation.

Yet as always is the case, time has revealed that the Millers weren’t right-wing. Evidence indicates they were non-ideological crazies. But if people want to play the partisan game, some evidence indicates they were more aligned with the political left than with the political right.

The Millers apparently were anarchists and Occupy Wall Street supporters. That clearly puts them with the left-wing. The husband also appears to have been a Barack Obama supporter in 2008. The Millers’ Facebook “likes” and internet posts that leftists ascribe as “right-wing” aren’t always so upon closer inspection. And while the Gadsden flag might be associated with the modern-day right, the swastika and white supremacy are undoubtedly the realm of the left. Hatred of the government and police also fundamentally belongs to the left; the right simply wants limited government.

Furthermore, BarbWire.com published, “Bombshell: Vegas Shooters Jerad & Amanda Miller were Vegas Police Informants,” and made some interesting observations:

Jerad and Amanda Miller, the Vegas shooters, tried to attach themselves to the Patriot Movement, in an attempt to smear law abiding, small government minded Americans. We’ve known that the media made attempts to put them directly in line with those that gathered to protest the Bureau of Land Management’s takeover of Cliven Bundy’s ranch. However, the Bundys clearly kicked Jerad out when they discovered who he was, realizing that he was not a patriot, but a known “felon.” Interestingly enough, many have yet to report something buried in a Reuters report dated June 11, 2014. Jerad and Amanda Miller were informants for the Las Vegas Police earlier this year. . . .

We are not told what they were informing about and calls to the Las Vegas Police Department yielded no information either. However, consider the fact that earlier this year the Bundy Ranch standoff was taking place and Miller was there briefly. This should cause us to question whether or not he was providing evidence to the police regarding what was taking place there.

It also raises the question of whether or not this was the individual that many in the militia, who stood along the side of Cliven Bundy, questioned as an infiltrator. Was Jerad Miller a government mole, whose leash was tied to the LVPD and as a result used by the federal government as an informant, not once, but twice?

The Millers cooperation with the police might not make them informants but it certainly is something worth exploring.

In the past, the Millers’ political affiliations wouldn’t draw attention and the world would move on from their crime. But times have changed and leftists—government officials, pundits, and activists—regularly attempt to paint selected acts of violence and murder as “right-wing,” and “proof” of a right-wing national security threat (even when those committing violence and murder are more closely identified with the left than right).

And since this is the case, those who don’t want to surrender to leftist tyranny need to respond. Flood the public sphere with the truth. And flood the public sphere with accusations of how the left-wing “echo chamber” incited the Millers to violence. Insist that the government investigate and prosecute leftists because of the national security threat they pose. And demand to find out more about what the Millers relationship was with the police—how they might have been used to infiltrate and subvert law-abiding citizens.

Leftists lie because they are at war with everyone else. So give them the war they want and fight them by turning their strategy and tactics on them.

Image: Courtesy of: http://whatislove-2010.blogspot.com/2012/09/assertiveness-skills-childabuse.html


Paul Hair
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