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METALLICA ATTACKED FOR HUNTING: Protesters Try To Ban Metallica from Festival Because Hetfield Hunts

When did rock-n-rollers morph into tree-humpin’ bunny lovers?

As reported last week, Metallica’s front man James Hetfield is slated to narrate a documentary about bear hunting on Kodiak Island for the History Channel.  This post went viral, creating a tsunami of positive feedback and also brought the anti-hunting nutters crying foul out from under the stumps they dwell beneath.

As expected the unhinged anti-hunting lunatics came out of the wood work spewing death threats and all manner of emotion-based vile bile on Hetfield, me and others who hunt.  You can see their fury here.

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Today I was alerted to the fact that the anti-hunters have taken their irrational rage a step further and are trying to get Metallica banned from playing this summer at the Glastonbury Festival 2014, which takes place between Wednesday June 25 and Sunday June 29, 2014, all because Hetfield hunts and is set to narrate a Bear hunting documentary! Check out their petition …

Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 10.17.10 AM

Ah, the tolerant left … they don’t care what you do as long as they approve of it.

If you think Metallica should be kept on the billing send your email here or start a counter protest here

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