METALLICA, TELL ‘EM TO ‘KISS YOUR BASS’: Concert Organizer Wants Metallica To Repent For Hunting

Published on June 8, 2014’s story, HEAVY METAL & BIG BEARS: Metallica’s James Hetfield to Narrate Kodiak Bear Hunt Doc, launched a fire storm of controversy when it went viral last week.

The anti-hunters came out in full fool mode spewing death threats and seeking to ban Metallica from playing in some tree-huggin’ concert in the UK.

Now, the organizer officially wants Metallica to publicly repent for hunting.

Doug Giles, of would like to say to Hetfield and the boys: Don’t apologize! Hunting is God ordained (Gen.9:1-3).  Now, rise…kill…and eat.

Speaking to NME about their reasons for setting up the campaign, a spokesperson for the group said that the campaign is not personally against Metallica, rather their support of big game hunting. “This is not hunting for the table, for food or survival. Bear meat can be eaten but it rarely is. Nor is hunting for conservation,” said the organiser, who is currently anonymous. “The Kodiak Bear Hunt is done using ‘traditional’ methods, long/compound bow and Black Powder single shot rifles. These rarely result in a “clean kill” as you would get from a high velocity hunting rifle. Often the animal is wounded and is put through a great deal of pain that they may or may not survive. Animals that have been wounded are far more dangerous than healthy ones.”


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