THIS IS NEXT: “The Car is the Cigarette of the Future”

Published on June 19, 2014

Get ready to be moved like cattle in the liberty eviscerating rule of the Orwellian state of control.  I’m glad I’ll be dead and gone before our planet is morphed into one big Magic Bus driven by some communist clown.  Check it out from The City Fix:

According to Jaime Lerner, car exhaust is the new second-hand smoke. The visionary architect, urban planner, and former mayor of Curitiba has long been outspoken about the growing social stigma around private vehicle usage. In fact, Lerner predicts that the private car will soon become a societal nuisance on par with smoking in public: “You can use it”, he says, “but people will be annoyed by you”. In a speech at last week’s III Congress: SIBRT Best Practices in Latin America, Lerner doubled down on this claim, stating that “there is no future for cities if they depend only on cars”.

Despite Lerner’s certainty, private vehicle ownership in Brazil has steadily increased in past years. According to the World Bank, there are currently 209 private vehicles per 1,000 people in Brazil, up from 164 ten years ago. Over the same period, demand for public transport has fallen 33% from 60 million passengers per day to 40 million. So what makes Lerner so confident that private vehicles will soon be shunned in favor of public transport? According to him, he’s got three main allies in the fight against car culture: increased congestion, environmental awareness, and high quality public transport.