NUNS V. STRIPPERS: Nuns Wage War Against Strip Club Next Door

This is a WWJD moment, eh? Would Jesus try to shut the strip club down or evangelize to the strippers? We report. You decide. Enjoy.

Via The Huffington Post:

The Roman Catholic sisters whose convent fence-line is mere inches from a flashy new strip club in Stone Park were unable to prevent the business from opening last year.

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But they haven’t given up the fight, and are signaling they plan to ask help from a higher power – the Cook County Circuit Court – in shutting down the establishment.

An attorney for the nuns said a lawsuit will be filed very soon against the club, called Club Allure Chicago, and Stone Park municipal government, which allowed the topless venue to open and operate at 3801 W. Lake St.

One of the main arguments is expected to center on a provision of state law that, with exceptions, prohibits such businesses from operating within 1,000 feet of a place of worship. The convent has three chapels inside that perimeter, although they’re technically in Melrose Park.



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