OBAMA & HOLDER: Doubling Down On Operation Choke Point

Published on June 27, 2014

Folks like to call Obama an incompetent boob who doesn’t know how to lead.  I say he’s an awesome strategist who’s sticking to his guns and is fundamentally destroying our nation on purpose. Check this out …

The sheer evil brilliance of Obama’s minions never ceases to amaze me. They are tenacious in their efforts to find ways to circumvent the Constitution and our laws – they simply never give up. There is no better example of this currently than Operation Choke Point. They were caught in 2013 targeting legal industries they did not approve of by bullying banks and other financial institutions into cutting off funds to those whose activities were not ‘acceptable.’ Specifically, the gun industry:

Last year the Department of Justice partnered with the FDIC and the Federal Trade Commission to put a whole host of industries (and their customers) on a “high-risk” list and urged banks to pay close attention to those industries as part of Operation Choke Point.

Storefront gun dealers, online dealers and ammunition dealers are on the “high risk” list, along with porn and other salacious products (as if they’re even comparable, the Second Amendment is constitutional right, yet it’s on the DOJ hit list). DOJ argues the program is needed to stop fraud, but that’s a lie. The program is used to target politically inconvenient industries without the permission of Congress.

There has been a great deal of push back on this targeting and persecution of legitimate businesses by the Obama Administration. Conservative financiers have stepped forward to fill the breach. Undaunted and undeterred, if Obama and Co. can’t get to Conservatives through the law or the Constitution, they then turn to cutting off funding. If that doesn’t work, they turn to government agencies and regulation. If that doesn’t work, there is always Obama’s pen and paper. And so it goes until they accomplish their destructive goals.

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