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IT’S OK TO BE GAY: GLSEN Radically Pushing for Transgenderism In The Classroom

According to Mass Resistance, the push for transgenderism in schools in now more aggressive than ever. In this report they outline the tactics promoted at the GLSEN Conference in Boston used to push this agenda into schools:

As the Conference reflected, bringing the concept of “transgenderism” to schoolchildren is a high priority of the LGBT movement.

Although most of the conference dealt with the transgender agenda in some way, three workshops had it in particular focus – showing it’s a top priority:

2.1 Supporting Transgender Youth in Schools

1.5 When a Teacher Makes a Gender Transition

3.2 Queering the Classroom: Providing a Safe Learning Environment for All

The conference covered techniques and strategies regarding (1) reinforcing the concept of transgenderism in the minds of students; (2) bringing the full agenda into the schools; and (3) threatening legal action to force reluctant school districts to accept it.

As with much of the other material we’ve exposed in this series, most parents have no idea what is being presented to their children by radical activists when they send their children to school. And each year, it seems to get more radical, outrageous, and psychologically intrusive.