OMG: Christian Chick Slams Pathetic Males (Elliot Rodgers) In Monumental Rant

Published on June 1, 2014

By Lisa
A Regular Reader via Clash Daily

Doug Giles- Here’s a gloves off response, posted as a comment, to my latest column, BOOM: An Alpha Dad’s Letter To All The Whiny “Elliot Rodgers” Out There from a subscriber. I loved it.  Ladies … would you concur?

I’m sick of these whiny losers who are oh so upset because girls wont have sex with them. We wont have sex with you morons because you are wimps, girly men, you act like you’re gay, you suck at everything: You can’t change a tire, you can’t replace a sink or faucet–I can do all three, you can’t plaster walls or lay down floors–I can do both because my contractor builder dad has taught me to literally be a “Rehab Addict” ala that TV show, because dad said you’ve had me to fix and replace and restore and rebuild everything, but you need to know so you wont pay a fortune for some imbecile from a foreign country who can’t do it, or some stupid American kid who can’t do anything but comb his girly hair!

You can’t even read! You don’t know history and you think Andrew Jackson was Michael s older brother!

Yeah you girly boys who whine, we girls today can do handyman work, fix cars–and we even took classes so we would know how in case we were stuck on the side of a highway!

We take self-defense classes and not the wimpy kind, but the kind where you learn to break necks eight different ways because we women don’t like being raped!

Let me tell you Elliot-esses out there what we women love in men: We love real men, not metro-sexual guys who are into their looks and cologne that stinks to high heaven and would get them killed in the wild. Elliot Rogers probably couldn’t spell hunt, dear or deer.

Yeah, we like guys who know how to use a gun to hunt and protect us, as well as go shooting with us.

We like Godly men, Bible reading, God-fearing men, because those men obey God and treat a woman right–Just don’t cheat with whores ala Jimmy Swaggart or we real women will remove your balls and throw them to the dogs. And we can’t stand the guys who made Geek philosophy their religion: Go wear a toga! Go home to your mother!

Oh, we girls hate that: Mama’s boys who cry to their mothers about everything. When you are engaged to us or married to us girls, you left your mother and father and cleaved unto us, so cut the damn apron strings and be a man and husband! Wash your own hair and do your own damn laundry, you’re married!

We like the Moses’ and Aarons and Jacobs, Calebs, Josuas, Gideons, Samuels and David and Jonathans. We can’t stand the self-centered Sauls!

Hold the door open for us–cars, buildings, etc, hold out our chairs for us, carry heavy stuff for us even if we can–show us you’re a man and want to be a man.

Don’t try to buy us: Giving us expensive things does not impress us girls, it tells us you are not willing to give us your heart and you want to control us with gifts. We hate being bought, we prefer being loved, liked, your best friend, your companion, someone you can talk to and we can talk to, share with good times and bad.

Don’t try to impress us with yourself because that’s arrogance and we only have pity for you guys who swagger with self-centered egoism.

Get the memo: We would rather date and marry homely who’s nice, kind, Godly, loving, understanding, has integrity, fidelity, is honest, decent, trustworthy, works hard, is a go-getter, never gives up, unselfish, rather than some good-looking guy who thinks he’s the be-all end-all and thinks same-sex marriage is him and a mirror.

Look only last a few decades and then everyone goes to old age pot.

But you whiny snit-faced brats who think girls should have sex with you because are as useless as a Michelle Obama weight loss book and you will never get a real woman, or any woman for that matter and you will have to go over to the gay Movement, because they are the only ones who will have you.