OUI OUI: 9 French Tweets Slammin’ Obama’s D-Day Gum Smacking

Twitter blew up with angry Frenchmen after President Obama was caught chewing gum during a ceremony in Normandy.

1. Barack Obama and his chewing gum disgust me. What a lack of respect; it’s revolting.

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2. Are you serious with your tweets? If Obama is chewing gum, it’s because the Americans landed on D-Day.

3. Barack Obama with his chewing gum; he respects nothing. He’s funny, this guy!

4. It’s a D-Day Commemoration, and journalists are talking about Obama’s chewing gum.

5. Oh, la, la! The journalists of TF1 don’t know what to say, so they’re talking about chewing gum.

Tweets via Breitbart



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