THE RELIGION OF GENITAL MUTILATION: Female Genital Mutilation Spikes, Entire School Classes Victims

Published on June 20, 2014

The religion of peace is showing off their women’s rights again, this time with their recent spike in female genital mutilation:

School health services in the small Swedish city of Norrköping have found 60 cases of female genital mutilation (FGM) among schoolgirls since March, with evidence of mutilation found in all 30 girls in one class, 28 of the most severe form.

In Sweden, where the EU’s Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE) says that FGM “is considered to be a serious problem,” the law enables genital examination of children to be carried out without parents’ consent.

FGM has been a crime in Sweden since 1982 and can be punished by up to four years in prison, increased to 10 years if judged to be an aggravated offence.

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