ROCKER APOLOGIZES FOR DISSING TROOPS: Daughtry ‘Ashamed’ for D-Day Snub on ‘Fox & Friends’

After dissing Fox & Friends’ request to play an encore song in honor of D-Day, it seems like the singer, Daughtry, is having some serious regrets – especially after the social media backlash. He even issued a video apologizing for his words and actions:

In a video released by the singer, Daughtry said he was “embarrassed” and “ashamed” of his actions. “I was thrown off,” he said, admitting he was unprepared to handle the request. “I panicked.”

He said he tried to handle it injecting some humor — which obviously misfired.

“It was absolutely disrespectful,” he said. “Poor choice of words, terrible judgment on my part. … I wish that I could have pulled it together.”

The worst part of all, he added, was his neglect of the troops “who have sacrificed everything for our country.”

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