Tale of Two Civilizations: Does Barack Obama Notice?

Written by Steve Bowers on June 25, 2014

This cartoon stands alone without any assisting verbiage. If you aren’t appalled at this Administration’s utter failure at everything excepting spawning a scandal-a-week you need your head examined. Before it is removed while the President sits idly by.

The shameful story of the aftermath of our abandonment of Iraq was as predictable as it is sad. I just hope the rumors of mass be-headings are just the media attempting to improve their ratings. (It’s the sort of thing they would do.) But we all know that these sort of atrocities are just what our terrorist (I hope the use of the word doesn’t offend your president too deeply) enemies have promised and seem to revel in. Strangely, they draw authority for such acts from their holy book. And since this is still a free republic (where even the logically enfeebled get to vote) and a place where ideas can freely compete for supremacy, I feel a little comparison of fundamental ideas is needed. Let’s compare the world view held by people who claim their thinking is informed and shaped by Islam and those whose thinking is shaped by that ancient and  all time best seller, the Bible. As you can probably guess, my opinion is already set as to which is better.

The reason I think it is appropriate at this time for such a compare/contrast session is because your president said early on that “the future cannot belong to those who insult the Prophet of Islam.” (Sounds as if his opinion is/was already set, also, doesn’t it?) I don’t know what he meant when he said “insult” but, we are seeing what the “future” he spoke about is starting to look like. 

The trouble with people like Obama is they do not recognize “evil” except in the bland and vague sense they use when they refer to those who disagree with them. Evil exists. It is powerful and persuasive. There is a great unseen war always in progress between it and Good. How can you hope to be victorious against evil when you don’t even know what it is. This goes much deeper, but  this is the stuff of theologians and I’m seriously out of my depth. Besides all you ever need to know about evil is available in plain lay language in the Bible. As Twain said, “It’s not those parts of the Bible I don’t understand that trouble me, but those that I do.” Or as WC Fields once said when asked why he was  reading the Bible, “What am I doing? Looking for loopholes. Looking for loopholes.” 

That’s one of the troubles with Obama and people like him. But while briefly comparing his world view of his Prophet (and the “future” he has in store for those who do the insulting) and the Bible we should not commit the blunder many commit by dismissing the Bible because of its “flaws.” The things usually complained of about the Bible is usually about the flawed practitioners of its teachings, not the actual teachings. Two completely different things.

And don’t make the mistake of dismissing the Ancient Book because it contains things you find offensive. It does contain such things as child sacrifice, murder, adultery, theft, covetousness, slavery, etc. These offensive things which appear in the Bible are mentioned as historic occurrences and are invariably denounced as being evil, wrong and offensive (most particularly to God). These evil things are not espoused but condemned by the Bible and Its Author. Stoning of homosexuals, stoning of wives who have been performing their wifely duties poorly by their hubby’s standards, stoning of persons who hold the Christian faith in Muslim countries, mutilation of infant females and other such niceties are not specifically condemned by the Bible, but the simple application of life principles contained therein does condemn such practices. 

( I always wonder exactly what kind of “due process” is afforded those who who fall victim to such practices and penalties under Islam.) 

There are many other ways we could compare these two world views, but most Americans are incapable of doing so. They have been dumbed down and cowed by politically correctness and the warped idea of the fabled “wall of separation” between Church and state, which has convinced Americans that “religion” is something that has little to say to modern people. It is something that should be tucked away in some innocuous pigeon hole and never consulted. This is very wrong. As Jesus said, “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.”  What is inside will always come out. 

So in the great debate of ideas you eventually have to make up your mind as to which Book is better. 

I believe Obama has made up his mind. And most of our leaders have been dumbed down by political correctness, which is the ugly sister of the “wall of separation” idea.

Not far off the topic, I am suddenly reminded of a pal who was proud of his “atheism” and always stated that if he found he was wrong when he died he was “gonna’ sock God on the jaw when they met.” Those weren’t his exact words. But I spare you his juvenile threats against the Maker of Heaven and Earth. That kind of stuff made my flesh creep, but not nearly so much as when I learned he had died one afternoon ignominiously between his master bathroom and bed. All these things going wrong in America today aren’t nearly as creepy or frightful as when I was informed of his death. If he made good on all his boasts about his atheism he is in hell now. 

If the above all seems a bit disjointed it is because the idea of Eternity looming invisibly in front of us all is itself jarring and hard to ignore. If you have ignored it until now, stop. In the second chapter of Colossians it says “And you were dead in your sins and the uncircumcision of your heart, but He hath quickened you together with Him having forgiven you all trespasses….” Avail yourself of that Promise today and don’t distress me or your other friends by passing into Eternity bereft of God’s forgiveness. Check it out. I might be making this stuff up. See if you can find any such Promise of Hope nearly so bright in all of Islam. Life is real and nothing to be trifled with or wasted.

Steve Bowers
Steve Bowers grew up on a farm in Indiana, attended Indiana University and went into the construction business. While working on a construction project at a law school he was appalled at how lawyers could screw stuff up on a simple building project. Thinking he could do better, Steve went to law school. He’s pretty naive.