VA-VA-VOOM: Hungry Men Love Curvy Women, Can I Get An Amen?

Published on June 6, 2014

According to some new research done by the University of Westminster, men have evolved to prefer curvier women because they have better access to food. The study says that men tend to prefer women with larger bust sizes because it indicates the “level of fat she reserves”. The Daily Mail reports the research:

Men prefer voluptuous women when they are hungry – while peckish women are more attracted to muscular men, psychologists have found.

The phenomenon is rooted in an ancient evolutionary instinct that prioritises people who are seen as having better access to food.

The researchers believe a woman’s shape – particularly her chest size – is seen to indicate her level of fat reserves.

In their study of 124 men who were shown images of five different body shapes, those who were hungry rated women with larger chests as significantly more attractive.

Dr Viren Swami of London’s University of Westminster said other studies have shown women find muscular men more attractive when they themselves want food.

He said: ‘If a man is hungry, they prefer slightly larger breasts sizes and slightly larger woman. If a women is hungry they prefer more muscular men.

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