WMD’S IN IRAQ: Terrorists Seize Saddam’s Chemical Weapons, Mustard Gas, Sarin & VX

Published on June 20, 2014

Let’s see, after we went through Iraq with a fine tooth comb for years and found nada of Hussein’s cache of WMDs, these ISIS loons supposedly find them?  I don’t know if I’m buying this.  Anyway, check it out.  What are your thoughts about this shocking report?

ISIS terrorists have seized Saddam Hussein’s chemical weapons stockpile at the Al Muthanna facility.

The weapons include: mustard gas, Sarin, Tabun and VX.

The Telegraph reported:

Chemical weapons produced at the Al Muthanna facility, which Isis today seized, are believed to have included mustard gas, Sarin, Tabun, and VX.

Here is the CIA’s file on the complex.

Quote Stockpiles of chemical munitions are still stored there. The most dangerous ones have been declared to the UN and are sealed in bunkers.

Although declared, the bunkers contents have yet to be confirmed.

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