7 Ways To Raise A Whiny Victim Who Votes Liberal For The Rest Of Their Life

Published on July 2, 2014

By Brittany Pounders
Clash Daily Guest Contributor

I deal with the best and worst of humanity through politics on a daily basis.  And admittedly, it isn’t out of bounds to see those two cross party lines on occasion.  But, I never have to shield my emails or my twitter page from my children when it comes to conservatives -even those who vehemently disagree with me on an issue.  I cannot say the same about liberals.  It’s been through these experiences that I have become even more passionately determined to raise my children in such a way that they never see themselves as a victim, that they understand that this world owes them absolutely nothing, and that they understand that their rights come from their Creator and not from their government.

But… if I were to want to raise a child and ensure that their “value system” (or lack thereof) fell more in line with that of the liberal mentality and solidify that they voted liberal for the rest of their life…this is what I would do.

1.  Don’t teach them to be an abundant financial giver.  Liberals do not give willingly.  They “give” through legislative taxes and even then are often found to be hiding their assets and unwilling to pay their “fair share” that they often demand of others.  We see this to be true in liberal leadership from the top down with charitable giving records that are in the .002% (Al Gore) to the Obama’s and Biden’s, which are typically in the 1-2% of their income range .  As I’ve said before…liberals live a life of bleeding heart bumper stickers with no real life application.  They “love to help the needy”- but they do it with their hands digging in your pockets.

Most conservatives believe it to be their personal responsibility to give and that is reflected in the statistics that show conservatives give, on average, 30% more than liberals..  This is a personal practice that we’ve made sure our children see.  As Christians, we believe that the first fruits of labor (10-15%) go back to our church to be disseminated into the fields as needed.  We began this habit as a newly married couple when we barely had enough money at the end of the day to buy diapers for our baby and we’ve been faithful in that practice through a little and a lot.  Why? Because we know that when we are trustworthy in our tithes that our needs (maybe not all of our “wants”) but certainly all of our needs will be met.  And they have been.  We make sure that our kids see us write those checks and sometimes sacrifice other things in order to do so and we are teaching them to do the same thing with their finances. As such, they have a visual that we do not find the source of our needs in our government.

2.  Don’t teach them to value their bodies and put little to no value on the subject of Life.  Let them believe from our liberal and degenerate culture that if it feels good…just do it.  The 60′s ushered in an era of “free love” that launched our young people into a world of drug and alcohol fueled sex.  It is a terrible belief system that teaches that depriving oneself of instant gratification is the ultimate sin.  Since then, we’ve seen our youth live out this motto and later come to realize through sky-rocketing teen pregnancy, abortions, and STD’s that a life of “free love”…well, it ain’t so free and it often comes with a high and very “unsexy” cost to their lives and future.  This has led to the mother of the abortion culture, Planned Parenthood, to swoop in and protect and foster that mentality as they use it to make millions upon millions of dollars each year on the backs of our children who buy into this lie.  The consequence to this has led to a death culture in America and a devaluing of life that we see in the news everyday.

This mama wants nothing more than for her daughters to understand that their bodies are absolutely priceless and it isn’t up for sale to the highest (and cutest) bidder around.  She wants her son to treat the women in his life with the same respect that we expect other boys to treat his sisters.  Dads need an awakening in this country when it comes to their daughters and moms need to be more vigilant in paying attention to their children.   Kids who have a firm grounding in moral values at home aren’t as easily influenced by outside pressure.  And, if our kids mess up, because many will  as they have for generations before us, the answer isn’t to wound one and kill another through an abortion, leading to more years of grief and therapy and trading one burden for a crippling one.

3.  Don’t make them earn and work for what they want.  The best way to raise a spoiled and entitled little brat who grows up feeling the world owes them everything is to never use the word “no.”  A little work and sweat equity never killed a kid.  Trust me, I have a teenager who is wooed by the latest and greatest gadget– just like yours.  And since we live in an affluent area, he often sees those parents of his friends rushing out to fill the latest toy wish because the kid demands it- often making him feel life is unfair because we believe if it isn’t a birthday or Christmas, you can either take your time and save your money up for it or look for ways to make some additional money to earn it.

What a shock those kids are in for when they enter the real world.  So many of them won’t know how to rinse a dish, empty a dishwasher, clean a toilet, do their own laundry, mow a yard, or make a simple meal.  I can proudly say…not my kids!  They will be well equipped to keeping themselves alive and clean without mommy there to do it all for them!

4. Don’t teach them to have a mature faith in God.  If you want to really make sure you raise a liberal- this is key.  Keep them shallow and don’t cloud their judgement with faith and Scripture.  It’s so much easier to give up and go along with the flow when you don’t have any icky moral standards or a powerful and Almighty God as a real presence in your life holding you down.  And, children often get their belief systems from the parents, so if it isn’t something that seems to be important in your life- most likely it won’t be important in theirs either.

5.  Don’t teach firm boundaries and do not discipline.  I can tell most liberals never got a good whoopin’.  Nobody who throws a tantrum of epic proportions like I’ve seen liberals throw after being told “no” ever had a parent that cared enough about them to instill loving discipline and solid boundaries in their lives.

However, if you want to raise a decent member of society who treats those around him with respect, put in the fight (and yes, they can be exhausting battles of the will) that is required to mold and train your children to be just that.  They learn their boundaries at home.  They learn you cannot go through life blaming others at home.  Consistent (keyword) discipline makes for good children who turn into responsible adults.

6.  Don’t teach them history and lazily leave their entire education up to the public school system.  Our history has been purposefully lost and rewritten by a liberal agenda hell bent on destroying the will and intent of our Founding Fathers.  Our Constitution, the article that made us the greatest nation in the world, that gave America a 5,000 year leap ahead of other nations in regards to success, freedom and liberty is a reviled paper because it rejects the notion that our rights are not granted by a large and over powerful government.  It’s buried and hidden, skimmed over in history classes because this precious paper makes the clear case that our rights are granted only by God.  It is a restraining order on the liberal agenda and shows that an enormous government makes for a smaller individual.  Teach this to your children or it will be lost for generations to come.

7.  Don’t teach them that it is normal for life to come with difficulty.  Liberals look to the Nanny state for everything when life becomes too difficult.  If they can’t afford to pay for their I-phone, their big screens, their 2 cars AND their groceries…they believe that instead of sacrifice that it is the job of the government to pay for the groceries.  We don’t know real poverty here.  Poverty in America looks like wealth when compared to poverty in other countries.

We are a lazy, non-thinking generation who has been led by a government that trades entitlements for votes to believe that you cannot survive without them.  Without a bucketful of victims, liberals have no voting base.  If you don’t want to raise a victim, you better begin instilling in them now that difficulties are a normal and natural part of life.  But God has given each of us the remarkable ability to do what we have to do in order to get what we have to get in order to survive.  It may mean sacrificing life’s luxuries, taking risks that others don’t dare take, or picking up three jobs in order to make ends meet.  But, Champions are born out of adversity– they aren’t birthed by government intervention.

Originally published on Liberty Juice

britBrittany Pounders is Co-Founder of www.LibertyJuice.com and has been an active proponent for the conservative movement in Fort Bend County and the State of Texas. She was a delegate to the Texas Republican Convention in 2010 and in 2012. More recently, she attended the GOP National Convention and worked with some of the most talented people involved with the Romney/Ryan campaign.

* You can follow Brittany Pounders on Twitter at @LibertyBritt.





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