COSTCO IDIOTS: Costco Feels Wrath Of Customers For Removing D’Souza’s Book, ‘America’

Published on July 9, 2014

After pulling Dinesh D’Souza’s new book, America, from its shelves, Costco has been experiencing serious backlash from customers and has also seen the book soar to #1 on Amazon. Costco has decided to restock the book, but it seems like its a little to late and they have hurt their own reputation already. See below…

So not only has the Costco attempt to yank D’Souza’s book utterly failed but it has also hurt its reputation with its customers as you can see in the many reviews at Amazon which slammed Costco:

Boycott Costco!

Costco I don’t have to shop there!!! Just saying!

Screw Costco …I’ll buy it here. Thanks Amazon !!!

The Costco story that broke today only confirms what D’Souza has written. Dinesh, God bless you for the bold stands you have taken.

Heard about this book being banned by Costco. Read reviews here and was especially befuddled at Costco’s placement of the Clinton book. Promply ordered my America here and sent Mr. Jelink (CEO @ Costco) the message: “Just ordered my copy of America at Amazon. Shrivel up and die Costco.”

Meanwhile, the Costco Facebook Page has been inundated by blasts from customers angry at Costco’s book banning. Here are just a few of the thousands of scorching hot comments:

Will Dnesh Sousa be signing his book at Costco? I can keep my political ideas OUT of your shopping carts as well as my $$. Censorship doesn’t fly with my purse strings.

WOW, Costco is out for me! Selling Hillary’s book but not America….Definitely not being a member here.

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