What Difference Does it Make When the Gun-Grabbers Lie?

Written by Rob Morse on July 11, 2014

Hillary Clinton said American gun owners terrorize the country as they shoot children with machine guns.

The anti-gun group Mom’s Demand Action for Gun Sense in America said there are mass murders in our schools every week.

You didn’t hear about those sensational events because they never happened. The only thing murdered every week is the truth. Yes, the anti-gunners lied to the American people.. again. This isn’t the first time. After he announced his resignation, the Executive Director of Mayors Against Illegal Guns finally admitted his anti-gun proposals would never stop the crazy mass murderers.

When questioned about her lie, Hillary Clinton could say (again), “What difference does it make!” Clinton is wrong. It makes a difference. You lied, Hillary, but your sensational lie was reported as the truth. As she intended, Hillary’s deliberate lie was reported by an enthusiastic media and accepted by some ignorant voters as fact.

Fortunately, those of us who support the right of self-defense have an overwhelming defense against their lies. This time, civil-rights advocates like us are prepared. We have a secret the gun-grabbers lack.

I need to check with you first; I assume you support the right of self-defense. The right of self-defense is, after all, the original pro-choice position. Because of you, those who support self-defense are equipped with something the lying gun-grabbers don’t have.

We have our good reputation. Our friends and neighbors trust us as reasonable people, as people who are both safe and fun to be around. Our good reputation refutes the lies the gun-grabbers tell about gun owners. Our good character does more for the right of self-defense than a multi-million dollar public relations campaign.

Why does that matter? It is an election year. Our ability to protect our family and the right of self-defense is at risk from politicians. To protect our rights, all we have to do is take someone shooting. It is that easy. Simply take a neighbor or a friend to the range. Show your guest the fun and safety of shooting. You brand the gun-grabbers as liars without saying a thing about their politics. Your smile and the smile of your new shooting friend say everything that need be said. What a difference that makes in preserving our right of self-defense!

If you’re feeling generous, you could even invite one of your local politicians to the range. Don’t worry. Being seen with a politician won’t tarnish your reputation.

Image: http://www.geograph.org.uk/photo/258251