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D’Souza’s ‘America’: Whole World Sucks – But America Sucks Less

Last night my wife and I saw the movie America by Dinesh D’Souza. Here’s my take on it. But first, in the interest of full disclosure, I’m a conservative. For example, I believe Obama sucks and Harry Reid’s a bully in need of a good ass kicking. So I was pretty sure I was going to like this movie from the start. I admit it. I was biased in a big way.

Because of my predisposition in favor of America, it was really tough for me to sit through the first half hour while D’Souza interviewed America’s leading liberal douchebags and put forth their indictments of the United States. I squirmed in my chair while listening to the charges of genocide, racism and selfish greed. When he finished outlining the case against America, I thought to myself, “Wow! We really suck! How’s Dinesh going to refute all that?”

But he did. Item by item, he revealed the suppressed facts and gave us, as Paul Harvey would say, “The rest of the story.” One of the things he did best was to put America’s past sins into perspective. For example: slavery. That’s a hard one to defend. So he didn’t defend it; he just admitted that it was always wrong, and that the authors of the Declaration of Independence merely asserted that “all” people are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights. The back story to this is they knew America would have died on the launch pad without bringing the Southern colonies on board, so they acquiesced to slavery for the time being, allowing posterity to run its course. They had no power to enforce morality, so they did the best they could with what they had at the moment.

Fast forward to the Civil War where three hundred thousand northerners died to end slavery and you understand the primary difference between America and the rest of the world. As a people we were divided over the moral issue of slavery, but, in the end, brother fought against brother to make it right. Slavery has always existed in most civilizations; it’s not an “American” thing; it’s a “human” thing.

On the issue of American Imperialism: We stole our lands from the rest of the world. It’s just not true. The rest of the world expands by conquest; it’s always been that way throughout human history. America was different from the start. If America truly was as evil as Howard Zinn and Michael Moore insist, then we’d be the undisputed dictators of the world. Ever since 1945 we’ve had the power to crush anyone standing in our way. But we didn’t. Instead, we stood up for the oppressed. We conquered some countries but then gave them back with a chance at self-governance and freedom.

Do we sometimes stick our noses where they don’t belong? You bet. Should we stop? Absolutely! And we will, but only if enough Americans stand up and get involved in the process of choosing our leaders and then holding them accountable for their actions.
And therein lies the genius of Dinesh D’Souza. He’s the best damn cheerleader on the conservative team. The number one result of his new movie will be the effect it has on right-wing America. It will motivate, embolden and inspire traditional Americans to step forward and speak up. Let’s face it, we conservatives have had the crap kicked out of us by Barack O’Blah-Blah for over six years now. The liberals have pretty much had free reign to spread their version of the truth, but D’Souza now offers the flip side.

If you’re a conservative and you love America, then you must see this movie. It will, without a doubt, get you charged up and ready for the election this fall. If you’re a liberal who believes America is bad – don’t bother. I wouldn’t want you to bust a blood vessel and die right there in the theater. Besides, you’re not going to change your mind any more than I am, so don’t waste your money.

If you are predisposed to love America, Mom and apple pie then you’ll surely enjoy this movie and depart the theater with renewed and patriotic self-esteem.

So, does America suck? Well, parts do and parts don’t. But one thing is for certain. After you look at all the facts, in perspective, as D’Souza does in his movie, then you’ll understand that “Yes, the whole world sucks – but America sucks a whole lot less.”



Skip Coryell

Skip Coryell lives with his wife and children in Michigan. Skip Coryell is the author of nine books including  Blood in the Streets: Concealed Carry and the OK Corral; RKBA: Defending the Right to Keep and Bear Arms; The God Virus, and We Hold These Truths. He is the founder of The Second Amendment March and the President of White Feather Press. He is an avid hunter and sportsman, a Marine Corps veteran, and co-host of the syndicated radio show Frontlines of Freedom. Skip also hosts the weekly podcast The Home Defense Show, which can be heard 24/7 at For more details on Skip Coryell, or to contact him personally, go to his website at