A Disorder of the Mind — and Heart: Progressive Dementia

Published on July 3, 2014

by Daniel Greene
Clash Daily Guest Contributor

In 2005, Michael Savage wrote a book called Liberalism is a Mental Disorder. If, as Dr. Savage writes, liberalism is a mental disorder, then Progressivism is a spiritual disorder. Progressivism is more than just liberalism redefined; it adds several elements to the liberal pretense of caring: ruthlessness, heartlessness, amorality, institutionalized selfishness (think “victimhood”), denial of reality, pathological lying, and self-delusion.

Progressives thrive on the moral relativism that developed in the ‘60s, and has been refined in our universities and media since. A 1990 Canon Camera television commercial done by Andre Agassi summed up the Prog philosophy perfectly; all Agassi said in that commercial was “Image is Everything”. Reality in the Progressive world is just a construct, an illusion, and the delusional fruits of Progressivism are evident in the history, works and being of Hillary Clinton.

As a young lawyer on the Watergate Investigation committee in 1974, Hillary Clinton believed she could rewrite (or, to use a favorite word of Progressives, “reimagine”) the Constitution, declaring that Watergate defendants were not entitled to counsel. She was eventually fired for dishonesty by the committee’s chief counsel, a Democrat.

Hillary stated in a campaign stop in March, 2008 that she and Chelsea had to dodge bullets on a Bosnia runway when they came under sniper fire while disembarking on a goodwill trip in 1996. No one else heard any shots. Hillary later admitted there was no sniper fire. This is a seriously delusional person, who creates her own reality as she goes.

As we know, on her current book tour, Hill made the claim that when she and Bill left the White House they were so impoverished they could barely scrape up enough money to buy two houses. It really is tough to find the down payments and closing costs for two places worth $4.5 million. The one on embassy row (Massachusetts Ave) in Washington, D.C. is worth $2.85 million, and the other in Chappaqua, N.Y., is worth $1.70 million. Check out Hillary’s Hovels here.

By the way, Hillary and Bill’s net worth is roughly $25 mil.

In 2008 Hillary campaigned on being the one we would want in the White House to answer the 3:00 AM emergency call from around the world. When that call was actually made on 9/11/11, neither Hillary nor her hyper-Progressive boss could be bothered to answer it. We know the results of their lack of concern. Progressive compassion does not deal in reality, just promises.

Hillary has regularly professed her obsession with the welfare of women and children. She wrote a book in 1996, It Takes a Village, declaring her concern for children. Yet, as Secretary of State, in 2011 Hillary denied terrorist group status for Nigerian terrorist group Boko Haram, Islamic Jihadis with a habit of murdering and kidnapping children, particularly girls. Their proclivities for mass murder, decapitations, and bombings were known for years. On April 14, Boko Haram kidnapped 276 girls from their boarding school. One of their stated goals is the denial of education to girls, and they employ forced conversions and marriage of Christian girls. In 2011, the FBI, CIA, and Justice Department all wanted Boko Haram listed as a terrorist organization. Hillary the Compassionate blocked that listing. Islamic enslavement of young girls, mass murder, and forced marriage, simply do not fit the Progressive narrative, so those things do not exist in Progressive fantasyland.

While at the State Department, Hillary’s mission and priorities became clear; she spent her time on one section – the Global Partnerships Initiative. The rest of the State Department ran without supervision or leadership from the Secretary. The GPI was the department that doled out our tax money to pay off Hillary’s and Bill’s international buddies. Coincidentally, the State Department “lost” $6 billion on Hillary’s watch. And, just as coincidentally, in 2011 Bill received $500,000 in fees from the Abu Dhabi Global Environmental Initiative. Must have been a heck of a speech. Bill received even more from other global “partners” that Hillary paid off while Secretary of State. Telefonaktiebolagel LM Ericsson AB, Hong Kong, China paid him a $750,000 fee. Hualuo CEO Forum of Shanghai, China donated $550,000 to the campaign to ease Hillary’s poverty. Achmea Financial Services, Holland, gave $600,000 (for Bill to address their convention 5/28/2011). Barclays Capital of Davos, Switzerland paid $325,000; Tanmiah Commercial Group of Saudi Arabia, $300,000; Leaders and Company, Ltd., Lagos, Nigeria, $700,000; the Center for Global Dialogue and Cooperation, Vienna, Austria, $500,000; the Nideias Comunicacao Ilimitada., Manaus, Brazil, $390,000. Impoverished Hillary’s and Bill’s income in 2011 was $13.8 million.

Yes, Bill and Hill were so destitute when they left the presidency, they were forced to steal furnishings for their two new homes: $190,000 worth of china, silver, rugs, furniture, and other items that had been donated to the White House (not to the Clintons). After a congressional investigation, they were inhumanely forced to give back $114,000 worth of the furnishings. Congress wanted all $190,000, but the Clintons wouldn’t give it.

In dementia, the pathways between brain cells become hard and brittle, and the cognitive side of the brain does not function well. Progressivism is dementia of the spirit. When God is removed from the equation of life, and replaced with the self, the ultimate results are what scripture refers to as “hardening of the heart.” Hillary is the perfect Progressive. Bill feels our pain, but Hillary enjoys it.

Image: Courtesy of: http://runordie90.deviantart.com/art/Sad-heart-147089173

Daniele GreeneAs an army brat, Daniel Greene has lived around the world. He earned a bachelor’s degree from George Washington University, volunteered to serve in the US Army as a medical tech during Viet Nam, then began a varied career. He belongs to no political party, as he believes in God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit; the constitution; the bill of rights; a vitally strong America (both morally and militarily), and the need to actively defend those institutions, and no political party supports those tenets.