DUDE: Seattle City Attorney Gets Roasted By Cops for Bringing Pot to WORK

Published on July 12, 2014

Seattle City Attorney Pete Holmes, one of the biggest supporters of legalizing marijuana, bought his first legal package of marijuana and took it to his ‘drug-free’ work environment. The Seattle Police Department had no problem sketching their own version. Check it out…


On Tuesday, Seattle City Attorney Pete Holmes was among the first people to buy legal marijuana – and that move showed poor leadership, some Seattle police officers told KIRO 7.

Shortly afterward, a drawing depicting a stoned city attorney smoking a joint at his desk was posted at the West Precinct in an area where only officers can go.

“Dude, I totally rolled this with an assault on an officer report … hehe … whoa,” the drawing read. Holmes appears to have a pack of Cheetos and a police report on his desk. A lava lamp is behind him and his eyes are bloodshot.

Asked about the drawing, Seattle police spokesman Sean Whitcomb said: “We have very good artists on this department.”

“This is going to represent some people’s perspective, but not everybody’s,” he said.

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