EMPLOYER v. EMPLOYEE? Government Creates a Disconnect

Written by Candace Hardin on July 22, 2014

Recently, I felt the need to look for better employment due to lack of opportunity, and rising healthcare costs.

I had the occasion to speak with a small business man who owned a construction company that installed sheet rock. He was a hardworking man who wanted the best for his employees.

When I inquired about healthcare, he regretfully replied that he was unable to provide it to his workers. His business was too small, and coverage was far too expensive.

Passionately, he spoke of wanting to do more for his crew. He lamented the recent Affordable Healthcare Act that had increased premiums and made it even less likely that he could do for his company one of the things he truly desired to do.

According to a survey conducted in 2012, most employers optimistically planned to absorb as much of the costs as possible and continue to provide benefits to their employees.

In a more recent article written in 2014, the trend is that employee benefits are slowly disappearing from the employment picture.

I can attest that every job I have interviewed for this year, not one of them were able to offer healthcare.

I attended an employment law conference held by a top law firm here in Atlanta.

I learned that the courts are slowly moving their sympathy in some recent cases to the side of the employer, rather than the employee.

The interference of government has created a severe disconnection between the employee and employer. The result of which is lack of empathy and ownership in the side of the employee.

By the same token, the employer does not establish the bond that creates a successful team that is willing to go the extra mile.

How far will the government squeeze small business until no one is willing to take the risk and investment necessary for start-up? How many are going to be willing to spend their time and treasure, risking their families’ security?

Small business is the main creator of jobs. There is no better source for high paying job growth.

In the last six years, the majority of the jobs created have been low skill, minimum wage jobs.

The liberal left screaming for an increase in the minimum wage can only impede the continuation of even these jobs.

If this continues, the USA will have the same common system that is in place in Mexico. An employee is given a six month contract for work. Maybe, the employer will give a renewal, maybe not. There is no way to have any financial security and poverty marches on.

Think about that when you go to vote this November.

Image: http://www.lawyersandsettlements.com/lawsuit/pennsylvania-employment-labor-law.html

Candace Hardin
Candace Hardin resides in Atlanta, Georgia. She is fluent in Spanish and a student of Latin and history. She is a columnist on PolitiChicks.tv. and has a blog, kandisays.blogspot.com. Originally from North Carolina, her writing and beliefs have been heavily influenced by the Appalachian culture and tradition.