HOW DOES THAT EVEN HAPPEN: Cub Gets Head Stuck In Unlikely Place

Written by Gayne C. Young on July 11, 2014

By Gayne C. Young
Clash Daily Guest Contributor

A lion cub in Kruger National Park got caught with it’s paw in the cookie jar.

Except its “paw” was actually its head and that “cookie jar” was a Cape buffalo’s anus.

That’s right, a lion cub got its head caught in a buffalo’s butt.

The event actually occurred almost two years ago but a recent surge in interest has seen the You Tube video go viral.

The film shows a pride of lions relaxing just off the park road after chowing down on a buffalo. While most of the pride sits content with full bellies, one struggles to pull its head from the bovine’s butthole. It apparently got there – the lion’s head, not the buff’s butt – when the cub went in search of tender meat. The lion thrashes about for several minutes while onlookers discuss the finer points of watching an apex predator stuck in a butt.

Although not shown in the video, the little lion apparently got free sometime the next day when some lionesses ate through the buffalo’s stomach to free the trapped kitten.

It is unknown if the cub got the lion’s share of the anus meat before being freed.

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