FAIL: Hillary’s Book Bombs; Nobody Notices

Written by Steve Bowers on July 15, 2014

Hillary has done poorly in her recent book sales super tour.  This is odd because she has used ghost writers. Same as Obama when he wrote his autobiography …twice…before he was fifty. Maybe she should use better ghost writers. Maybe use Bill Ayers like Obama did. I don’t know if Ayers is any good at writing. I had no inclination to read his autobiographies. I know Obama is not a good writer. I saw a couple sentences from a letter he wrote while editor of Harvard Law Review. Atrocious. As always with this guy, the more layers of the onion you peel away, the murkier things get. A small side note regarding law review. Where I accrued my less-than-illustrious academic law school record, you had to be in the top ten percent of your class to be “selected” for law review. Which seems wildly at variance with sealing one’s academic records. 

But why obsess over that issue now? The media scrutinizes your Prez the same way a woman did in the supermarket checkout line in front of me once. The woman had her little son with her and I butted in when I saw him looking over a tabloid cover touting the accomplishments of some jailed celebrity. I told the little guy to ignore the celebrity because she was a crook. Bad example for a little guy. The mother quickly corrected me by stating she wasn’t really a crook “since she was rich and had gotten away with it.” She missed my point. The crook hadn’t gotten away with anything. She was found guilty of some elaborate form of insider trading and had served time. Apparently, since the crook was now out of jail and back at the head of her company, as rich as ever, it was cool. She needed to read Psalm 73 and, more importantly, she needed to read it to her son. 

That is how the media scrutinizes Obama. If the weekly scandal doesn’t cause lightning to strike him dead, the scandal is meaningless. Keep moving. Nothing to see here. 

Hillary gets the same treatment. Lying about her wealth gets no reproach from the media. Heck, they’re jealous of her wealth. Her kid’s wealth, too. Claiming snipers were shooting at her in Bosnia in 2008 is no big deal. Her shills being unable to name even her one single accomplishment as Secretary of State doesn’t even raise a media eyebrow. The fact she got fired from her job on the legal team of investigators looking into Nixon’s shenanigans because she deep-sixed some (apparently exculpatory) records in her (posh?) apartment (in Georgetown?).

But now she is tiffed and she’s really gonna fix the rest of us. Since her dreadfully dull book has flopped, it’s payback time for America. (Who wants to read her book, anyway. She’s dull and corrupt. And unlike her hubby, her corruption puts you to sleep.  I think Bill’s book(s?) sold like hotcakes. And now she has been heard to say, “America doesn’t deserve me as President.” I didn’t hear her say it. Maybe someone just made it up. It’s such a venal and dumb thing to say. So she probably did say it. [Editor: Journalist Ed Klein has made this claim].

I have to agree with her…if she said it. We do not deserve her. Enough of novices with concealed records. And if I’m wrong and we do deserve her as Prez, I sure don’t want her.
I don’t remember how Obama’s book sales went for either autobiography. I only read a few excerpts from them. A couple sentences. Awful, un-American tripe. Didn’t make me want to buy his books. It would have certainly spurred his sales, however, if he had simply included his academic and medical records. I’d buy both books tonight if that info was included. 

Why would a guy in health that is so optimal he can play basketball with a former NBA star, play pool late into the night, keep up his rigorous fund-raising travel schedule, consume junk food, still smoke (?), play all that golf …need to keep his medical records hidden?

I wonder.

By the way, where are Hillary’s law school records? Probably doesn’t matter since we no longer “deserve her.”

Steve Bowers
Steve Bowers grew up on a farm in Indiana, attended Indiana University and went into the construction business. While working on a construction project at a law school he was appalled at how lawyers could screw stuff up on a simple building project. Thinking he could do better, Steve went to law school. He’s pretty naive.