‘F**K AMERICA’: Pro-Amnesty Crowd Burns American Flag on 4th of July

F**k America, eh?  I don’t think these amnesty folks have ever read Dale Carnegie’s book, HOW TO WIN FRIENDS AND INFLUENCE PEOPLE. Usually when some pro-illegal alien group tells an American to ‘f**k off’, we reply back with a good ‘eff you’ as well.  Especially folks from Texas.  Check this stuff out Clashers.

MURRIETA — An American flag has reportedly been burned by pro-amnesty protesters near the Murrieta Border Patrol station on America’s Independence Day.

Opponents of illegal immigration had gathered in Murrieta to stop Friday’s planned transfer of Central American illegal aliens, as they did earlier this week. A pro-amnesty counter-demonstration was organized in response.

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Another anti-illegal immigration activist said that pro-amnesty demonstrators called her a “f***ing whore” i Spanish, and shouted, “F*** America!”

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