‘Gay Pride’? Homosexuals’ Odd Way of Winning Support

Written by Chuck Gruenwald on July 5, 2014

This past week lays claim to a most unique pair of bookends. While July Fourth is both a celebration and expression of gratitude for a select few people in American history – people who have engaged in what is one of the most unselfish, risky acts of defiance in history, this week started with parades across the United States that were based on not a sense of accomplishment, not a triumph over a form of evil that threatens the future of humanity, but on a celebration of the self-exploitation of a small group of outspoken, militant individuals who embrace self-promotion over unity and the needs of others.

There are three features of homosexual pride parades that run counter to typical holidays:

1. Those parades highlight differences in a way that is intended to divide and alienate Americans – especially homosexuals who see no need to “celebrate” their sexual orientation, from militant homosexuals and shameless politicians who thrive on a fragmented America as a means to amass votes.

2. Unlike July Fourth, Memorial Day, Passover, Easter, Christmas and Thanksgiving, among others, those parades celebrate nothing more than an excuse to engage in behavior that would otherwise strip individuals of their dignity, or “pride.”

3. The omission of any reference to homosexuals who are facing true oppression in other countries; an omission that prohibits these parades from incorporating a necessary sense of purpose.

Yes, there is an attempt to label those who use the word “homosexual” over the perceived-as-friendlier-sounding “gay” as homophobic. However, if “homosexual” were such a derogatory label, then how come those who lead the militant homosexual agenda do not utilize another label to affix to their enemies, such as “gayphobic?”

The “homophobe” label is now as overused as “racist,” a label that has been so overplayed, that the sting that it once delivered is now felt only by career politicians who are afraid to sneeze in the wrong direction if poling data disapproves. Also, the diminished value of the word runs counter-productive to those who truly are the victims of prejudice.

Out of all of the filler material worth avoiding on the Internet, there is one that is labeled Twenty-One Pictures That Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity. The first picture shows a nearly-naked male who is embraced by several onlookers. The caption had some reference to people who “apologized for homophobia within the Church.” First of all, standing in one’s undies on a parade route, in front of possibly thousands of total strangers, fails to symbolize a display of pride or high self-esteem.

Second, the Church does not engage in anti-homosexual activities, such as threats, intimidation, violence, and death; the Church is expressing its belief in moral deficiencies and lack of self-discipline associated with homosexual – and many heterosexual — acts via the media’s over-dependence on sex, and pressure applied to children and adults alike to participate in dangerous, cavalier sexual behavior. In fact, the over-glamorization of sex by heterosexuals and homosexuals alike reduces the participating individual(s) to a status similar to that of a disposable object.

Maybe it’s me. Perhaps I am choosing to be offended for a small group of people who have a tendency to express whenever possible, their decision to separate themselves from their heterosexual and low-key homosexual counterparts. Is it the fact that what is labeled an event to celebrate “pride” is nothing more than excuse to act and dress – or undress — in a manner that represents anything but pride in one’s self?

What the militant homosexuals perceive as a celebration of their sexual orientation, others view as the one-vehicle accident caused by a motorist or motorcycle rider who wanted to show-off in a poorly planned effort to impress no one but himself. In both cases, it is difficult to not stare in disbelief.

Outspoken militant homosexuals want a favorable perception from “everyone else,” but refuse to engage in behavior which warrants such perception. How is deliberately insulting what Christians hold sacred a goodwill gesture? Perhaps the answer lies within the selfish progressive quote “‘I love you’ means never having to say ‘I’m sorry.'”

While armchair activists sleep at night believing that they had sent a message to Vladimir Putin about his anti-homosexual policies during the Winter Olympics, there was no reason for them to fear a foreign leader who perceives such acts of defiance as pathetic dribble from publicity-seeking opportunists.

How come the majority of outspoken individuals who are trying to raise awareness of the cruel treatment that homosexuals must endure in Iran, North Korea, China, etc., are heterosexual conservatives — a group made up of a lot of Jews and Christians? It doesn’t take any courage to stand up to self-perceived, benign “enemies” who may object to homosexuality on a religious basis, in a civilized country that encourages free speech from all sides of an issue — without fear of punishment or death. However, those “enemies” are the people who want to stop the imprisonment, torture and executions of homosexuals in truly intolerant regimes. While extremist homosexuals are ridiculing the religious types for their “backwards, primitive” ways, the true enemy is killing true victims on the other side of the planet.

The signers of the Declaration of Independence faced cruel repercussions if their fight did not succeed; disobedience to the crown was a death sentence. Supporters of the militant homosexual crowd may claim that discrimination is a threat that targets them, but at any given point in history, every group, tribe, and ethnicity had faced some degree of discrimination. Members of the politically-correct chapter of the Fraternal Order of the Perpetually Offended choose to ignore the plight of Irish immigrants during the nineteenth century, or white Anglo males who dared defy the most powerful government in the Eighteenth Century.

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Born in Chicago and raised in northwest suburban Cook County, Chuck Gruenwald developed an unfavorable opinion of machine politics quite early in life. In addition to cars, electronics, law enforcement, and politics, Chuck enjoys writing, and is also a horse racing fan. He has recently written op-eds for uncommonshow.com